Mind Blown

Mind-blown.Touch starved.When you held me for the first time,I saw hunger in your eyes.They told me about you. You held my face in your hands.Staring down at me,I heard the sharp intake of air through your gritted teeth.You closed your eyes so tight,To savor the moment.They warned me about you. I chased you, you chasedContinue reading “Mind Blown”


Too busy wondering how your lips taste, to wonder if you’re a villain.I’m drawn to you. I question myself.I never do that.But, there is something about you that is intriguing.Something about you that I need to know.I’m leading with my heart, this time.I hope I’m not wrong.


My mind is a busy place. Crowded with conversations and arguments. Songs and poetry. Sometimes I stay in my head so long, that I forget to come out. Be a part of reality. Live in the real world. I have to tell myself to STOP. Because sometimes the noise in there gets so loud. IContinue reading “Crowded”