Celestial Collision

My love,We don’t touch,We come together inA cataclysmic celestialCollision. And then we call it love. It’s a danceAmong the starsIn the middle ofThe apocalypse. It’s a passionateViolent wave,A perfect sphere ofFiery desire. What we haveIs a black holeIn the middle of the universe,Pulling all that once wasInto it’s orbitAnd not letting go. We make loveOnContinue reading “Celestial Collision”

My Favorite Kind of Madness

Our story is a dark fairytaleWith tragic beginnings. A mythical loveWith moments of woeAlong the way. Cursed, fated,Bewitched and star crossed,We’ve had losses, incomparableAnd tears of hope. We are in each other’s blood,Angel of mine.Fully ingrained in each other’sNightmares,As a beacon of safety,A place of refuge. We have endured so muchPain,You and I. That IContinue reading “My Favorite Kind of Madness”

We Could Just…

We could just get lost,In each other’s arms,And make loveTo our favorite song. We could just get lostIn each other’s eyes,Drowning in oceansOf memories with flecks of gold. We could just get lost,In the void,Hopelessly addicted toThe sounds we make. We could just get lost,Kissing and touching,Deep into oblivion. We could just get lost,In eachContinue reading “We Could Just…”