A Beautiful Mistake

Tempt me with kisses,Because the feel ofThem on my lipsStirs my blood. For too long,I’ve been afraidOf what we could be,Scarred by the demonsOf my past. But here you are,Open with yourDarkness,Honest with your sinsAnd I have no choiceBut to give in. You have changed me,Intrinsically. The way I thinkThe way I see the moon.Continue reading “A Beautiful Mistake”

Mark Me Yours, Always

I see it,The true colorsOf the sunIn your eyes. Feel its warmthIn the taste ofYou. Don’t leave me hereTo crave your touchAnother minute longer.Mark me yours,Always. ©️KVPArt: “Love”, Invader Girl ArtPrompt:“Mark me yours, always” loveletters prompts @wilder_rose_ .“True colors” rahprompts @rah.emotions @richardvelez92

Before I Forget You

Let me spend anotherMoment under a midnight sun,So that I may have another kiss,Another touch,Another evening with you. Because when you are goneAnd I catch eyes with the stars,I see every bit of your face. I discover my future and my past,In the constellations of your smile. You haunt my dreams like aSpecter,Fashioned from theContinue reading “Before I Forget You”