Graveyard of Memories

Lost in a haunted houseNightmares behind every door,I find myself not afraid butSomething else.Something more. The ghosts I never called forComforted me when I felt alone.Brought memories of days gone byOf a happy life once lived. But was I indeed happy?Going through the motionsBeing stuck in the rat raceOutside my window? Or was I livingContinue reading “Graveyard of Memories”

The Masquerade

Would you love me forever,Even if… My gilded walls crumbled, and youMet the creature trapped inside? Would you love me foreverEven if… You knew my deepestShame and all the tears I’ve shed? For I have seen theFace behind your mask,The beast within,And I would give you my heartAnd my love in this lifeOr the next.YouContinue reading “The Masquerade”


She calls for her lover,From the depths of the water,Deep in the shadows Starved for his kiss,She smiles, Knowing the outcome. Oh, how she’s missed this. Each one of her suitors, Vastly different than the others. But just as tasty. The waves crash Against his boat And he sees her there. An Angel floating inContinue reading “Siren”