“Do you know what it is to love, When you have never loved before? The touch of it beneath your fingertips. The taste of it on your tongue. The feeling of living and dying at the same time. For me, time melted away. The people in between us just disappeared. I saw no one elseContinue reading “Creature”

Before the Night Ends

Before the night ends, You’ll be in my arms. Telling me all of your secrets. Telling me all of your dreams. Before the night ends, We’ll open our minds to each other. Connect our souls in some cosmic way. Before the night ends, Our fingers will caress those hidden places, Bringing pleasures we’ve never feltContinue reading “Before the Night Ends”


Toes tingling, walking along the hot sand.Hands clasped together,Sharing secrets and other things. I wonder could you be mine? The cool breeze licking my skin.Your eyes drinking me in, with the promise of something more.Sitting around the bonfire and your kisses taste like honey. After tonight, I wonder will you be mine? The fullness ofContinue reading “Untitled”