In the end, after the tears had been shed;After the heart had been shattered and pain grew in its place; you were there to mend and fix it.In the end, it was you. In the end, when the nightmares ended,And the fear had receded, it had done so because of you. In the end, whenContinue reading “End”

Find Me

I am lost. Lost in the darkest caverns of my memories. I’m trying to fight it. Trying to be strong. But grief is like wrestling with a Giant. He is unmatched and I am too small. Thoughts of your laughter help me see the light. It shines through like a crack in the wall. BeckoningContinue reading “Find Me”

Nights like this

It’s nights like this, that remind me of you. The salty taste of the ocean filling the air. The lowering sun, casting a golden glow on your skin and the slow touch of your hand on my thigh. It’s nights like this, that remind me of our first night here. Sitting around the bonfire. ListeningContinue reading “Nights like this”