Beautiful,That’s what you areTo me. Your stars,Your scars,Your darkest nights They define whereLove beginsAnd never endsFor me. And I’m not afraid. Because,I have loved youIn the stillness of theNight. I have loved youDrenched in sunshine. I will love you untilForever comes,And then I’ll loveYou after. ©️KVPArt: Hasan CretinWebsite: … Song: “Where’s My Love?” SYML


You asked meOnce what I wanted. And I struggled to tell you. I could never find the wordsTo show you,That I can’t live without you. I could never find the wordsTo describe how you keepMe from the darknessThat calls to me. But when you left,I shouted them fromThe rooftops. I screamed untilMy throat was raw.Continue reading “Memories”

Nothing But Time

I found youAnd lost youIn the same breath. In the blink of an eyeYou were gone andI questioned my memoryIf you were even real. How could I miss a ghost?A figment of my imagination. So I went on a questTo find you. Look for you,In every spaceBetween the constellations.In every whisperOf the breeze. Because youContinue reading “Nothing But Time”