Memories of You

Summer’s goneAnd the nights areGetting lonelier. The sun is fadingBut I still feel its heatOn my skin. Midnight laced sunsets andWarm breeze,Rustling through my hair.And I hear your voiceIn my ear,Repeating my name. Heartbreaks andOrange skiesThe waves keepCalling me back. I look for you inEvery ocean swell,I look for yourHaunting eyes. I play our songContinue reading “Memories of You”

Survive the Night

Secrets sharedUnder glitteringStars,2 a.m calls usAnd we answer. Kisses andScorching heatYou and IAnd wickedDelights.We make loveInto the late hours. Bodies, minds, andBroken hearts connected. We explore the depths of our cursed souls and confess our sins to eachSo we can survive the night again. Wrapped in yourArms,Staring up at theSky,We talk about lifeAnd the constellations.WeContinue reading “Survive the Night”