Beautiful,That’s what you areTo me. Your stars,Your scars,Your darkest nights They define whereLove beginsAnd never endsFor me. And I’m not afraid. Because,I have loved youIn the stillness of theNight. I have loved youDrenched in sunshine. I will love you untilForever comes,And then I’ll loveYou after. ©️KVPArt: Hasan CretinWebsite: … Song: “Where’s My Love?” SYML


Oh, what to do about love?Do I pluck it off the shelfLike a tattered book withDusty endings? Or do I write a new oneWith fresh beginningsAnd metaphors about the moon? Perhaps I’ll write a single line,Of what you mean to me. Perhaps I’ll just say, “I love you.”And you’ll feel my heart throughThose simple words.Continue reading “Perhaps”

Lost in a Midnight

Months had passedSince you left,And I could still feelThe phantom painOf that night. The storm,The tears,I thought I would die.Die right thereOn the steps ofThat old house. With the raindropsDrowning meIn emotionsAnd the thunderBreaking my heartEven more. I lived on after that.And I tried so hardNot to remember you. But your scent clungTo my clothes,YourContinue reading “Lost in a Midnight”