Recurring Dream

Hungry for your touch,I have unforgettable memoriesOf blood moon skiesAnd stars that shined like jewels. It’s a recurring dreamOf wishes madeWishes granted. Now I wait for them to come true. ©️KVPArt: “He Holds Me,” Invader Girl ArtPrompts:“Recurring dream” #Rahprompts @rah.emotions@richardvelez92 “Unforgettable memories”“Wish granted” #PEGJAN2023 #RhymesOfPeg

Catch Me

Inspired by theCurve of your smile,And the way yourEyes light up my sky. I am warmed by yourJanuary fires and yourButterfly kisses againstMy cheek. I fall deeper into theShadows of your love,And you are there toCatch me in the night. So on this eveningBetween the MoonlightAnd my sins,Every word I write,Will be in deferenceTo you.Continue reading “Catch Me”

Stay in my Memories

Here we areLying in theLight of a goldenSunrise. Together as one,Like we’ve alwaysDreamt. But I am notNaive. I know precious minutesLike theseAre fleeting,Though they areAs beautiful asDiamond & silk. These days choke me,Because I know theyWill come to an end. And the peace I feelHere in your arms,Will turn to darkAnd bleak without you. So,Continue reading “Stay in my Memories”