Realm of Broken Hearts

I took the moon forGranted.Wasted each moment ofHer passing phases.Foolish in my handling ofHer. Until one day,Love’s broken arrow,Tore my heart in twainAnd poisoned me withAn elixir of heartbreak. I begged the moon to stay.To spend another night,Under her gaze.I begged to see the fullnessOf her smile,And the waning of her tears. I beg theContinue reading “Realm of Broken Hearts”

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday, my loves 💜🖤💜I hope y’all had a great week and get some time to just enjoy your weekend. You definitely deserve it. It’s been a crazy week, hasn’t it? I didn’t get a chance to write because I’ve been sick and getting ready for my book launch, but I’ll be back on theContinue reading “Happy Saturday!”