Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday, my loves 💜🖤💜I hope y’all had a great week and get some time to just enjoy your weekend. You definitely deserve it. It’s been a crazy week, hasn’t it? I didn’t get a chance to write because I’ve been sick and getting ready for my book launch, but I’ll be back on theContinue reading “Happy Saturday!”

Begin Again

Her heart stopped.Just for a moment,she couldn’t feel it beating.Ice ran through her veins.She knew what thiswas in an instant. Her eyes closed andImages of him floodedHer mind.It all felt real; She knew she couldn’t trust it.She knew that when she openedHer eyes, he wouldn’t be there.So she kept them closedA little longer. She knewContinue reading “Begin Again”


Art is that thing that makes you feel something. Joy, sadness, pain, anger, even love. Art brings to the surface, that which is hidden in your core. It makes you weep, makes you laugh, makes you think. Art makes you question yourself and everything around you. Art makes you open your eyes to things you’veContinue reading “Art”


In the end, after the tears had been shed;After the heart had been shattered and pain grew in its place; you were there to mend and fix it.In the end, it was you. In the end, when the nightmares ended,And the fear had receded, it had done so because of you. In the end, whenContinue reading “End”

Winter Memories

The chill of the cold stings my skin. Snowflakes fall like little stars from the sky and kiss my cheeks. The crisp smell of the tall brooding pine trees fill my mind with memories. Memories of simpler times. Memories of home. Memories of you. Wrapped in each other’s arms in front of a roaring fire.Continue reading “Winter Memories”