A Hopeful Ending

We’ve had aTumultuous beginning,You and I. Endured thingsThat are unspeakable.Lived in the shadowsOf our nightmares. And yet, in each otherWe’ve found a home. I can see your painLike a flash of lightningIn a clear blue sky. You can hear the sorrowOf the abandoned child,In my weary cries. And I can feel yourSearch for freedomEvery timeContinue reading “A Hopeful Ending”

The Poet

“How to write a poem?” they ask. “Find the truth in the despair,”She replies. Write what speaks toWhat you’ve felt, And all that you’ve seen. For her words are piercing,Like an arrow to the heart.Like a dagger to yourVery soul. She writes her poetry,To release her sadness,And to break the holdA first love has onContinue reading “The Poet”

Forever Until Daylight

I don’t knowIf tomorrowWill show usHer beautiful faceAgain. I don’t know ifWe’ll feel herSunrise warm ourCheeks. But what I do know,Is that I love youAnd we have foreverUntil daylight. So, let’s haveOur shadows makeLove at dusk. And watch the starsBlush from our kisses. Because I don’t wantTo lie in the moonlightWithout you. I want toContinue reading “Forever Until Daylight”