Winter Memories

The chill of the cold stings my skin. Snowflakes fall like little stars from the sky and kiss my cheeks. The crisp smell of the tall brooding pine trees fill my mind with memories. Memories of simpler times. Memories of home. Memories of you. Wrapped in each other’s arms in front of a roaring fire.Continue reading “Winter Memories”

Find Me

I am lost. Lost in the darkest caverns of my memories. I’m trying to fight it. Trying to be strong. But grief is like wrestling with a Giant. He is unmatched and I am too small. Thoughts of your laughter help me see the light. It shines through like a crack in the wall. BeckoningContinue reading “Find Me”

Before Dawn

Standing there alone and cold, I had a feeling that I was being watched. The wind howled all around me, and my skin prickled from the chill. I had been walking in the woods for what seemed like hours. I was incredibly, indelibly lost. Somehow my hiking group and I had gotten separated. The ideaContinue reading “Before Dawn”