The Poet

“How to write a poem?” they ask. “Find the truth in the despair,”She replies. Write what speaks toWhat you’ve felt, And all that you’ve seen. For her words are piercing,Like an arrow to the heart.Like a dagger to yourVery soul. She writes her poetry,To release her sadness,And to break the holdA first love has onContinue reading “The Poet”

Forever Until Daylight

I don’t knowIf tomorrowWill show usHer beautiful faceAgain. I don’t know ifWe’ll feel herSunrise warm ourCheeks. But what I do know,Is that I love youAnd we have foreverUntil daylight. So, let’s haveOur shadows makeLove at dusk. And watch the starsBlush from our kisses. Because I don’t wantTo lie in the moonlightWithout you. I want toContinue reading “Forever Until Daylight”

Persephone’s Lullaby

Damn thisSensitive springAnd the memoriesThat have broughtMe to my knees. Made me worshipAt the feet of moments comeAnd moments gone. Memories that have plantedThe seeds of seductionIn my mindAnd the desire that stillLingers,Has watered them. On the strength of this alone,Rustic roots have grownStrong like Ivy,Swallowing up my wordsAnd capturing my thoughts. For in theContinue reading “Persephone’s Lullaby”