She sat in front of me in History class. Chocolate colored hair, that hung down her back in waves. She would look back at me and smile at me, with those grape chapstick lips. When she would turn away from me, her hair would flip and swish in my face. It smelled of strawberries. SheContinue reading “Class”

At Summer’s End

And when you left,I thought my soul left with you.When we said goodbye,I felt my heartbreak.I was lost in the moment,Alone in that space. But then something magical happened.I realized that my soul was still alive in me.I could even feel my heart mending.I wasn’t lost or searching for myself.I wasn’t alone anymore. My memoriesContinue reading “At Summer’s End”

All Hallows’ Eve

All Hallows’ Eve By: Kim Vasquez It was Michael’s idea to go into the woods that day. He thought it’d be fun to have a picnic out there, just the two of them. “Don’t be afraid, Sadie, we’re going to have fun.” he whispered in her ear. She went along with it, but deep inside,Continue reading “All Hallows’ Eve”


Crave I toss and turn, throwing the sheets from my bed. They’ve become a coffin. I can’t sleep. I can’t. You have done something to my soul. I’m shackled to your touch. I’m obsessed with you. I’m obsessed. I lust for you words, speaking to me through my dreams. Your breath on my neck, willingContinue reading “Crave”


Let’s escape into the unknown, Leave everything behind. Just us. Me and You. Wild and Free. Let’s escape into the unknown, Leave everything behind. Just us. Me and You. Wild and Free. I want to be lost with you. Down a winding, lonely road. Wind caressing my face and you singing in my ear. IContinue reading “Escape”

Summer Addictions

Summer Addictions The sun shines down on your face. Your lips part. Your eyes close. The breeze whispers against your arms, giving you goosebumps. You are both poison and nectar to my very thirsty soul. I am stricken without you. Hopelessly addicted. You turn to me and smile, and I am dizzy from excitement. YouContinue reading “Summer Addictions”