The Woman

The night air here in New Orleans was sweltering. He’d remembered how humid it got in summer evenings but even he wasn’t prepared for this. Sweat rolled down the sides of his face as he sat perched on top of the low roof, waiting for the “target” to come out. The street was deserted atContinue reading “The Woman”

She: A Short Story

“Take my hand, little one,” she said to me. Her pearl white hand reached through the glom to pull me up. My skin tingled at the touch of hers. It was icy and hardened like stone. “Are you an Angel?” I called out to her, “Have you come to save me?” I tried to makeContinue reading “She: A Short Story”


Toes tingling, walking along the hot sand. Sweating from the searing heat of the dying sun. Wishing for a lick of cool breeze on my skin. That’s not on my mind though. Her eyes are like golden pools. Her hair is black as night, With stars strewn throughout. I’m electrified by the touch of herContinue reading “Goddess”