I didn’t want you to stay. But I never wanted you to leave. Your lips skim the apples of my cheeks and down to my neck. The little voice I’m the back of my head screams that you are dangerous. It screams that you’ll break my heart. Your fingers trace unspoken words down my bodyContinue reading “Untitled”


There‚Äôs heartache in your eyes, my love. Peeking out from behind the mask, you so bravely wear. You hide your fears behind it. Smiling away the sadness. Laughing away the gloom. A caricature of who they want to to be. But it won’t always be like this, my love. The fear won’t always burn thisContinue reading “Mask”


And when she left, my world was dark and gray. It was cold and brutal. Violent in its disdain for me. When she left, my world was without its beauty. It was without its peace. And I was afraid for the first time, Because I was alone. But I could still feel her in myContinue reading “Shadows”