The Poet

“How to write a poem?” they ask. “Find the truth in the despair,”She replies. Write what speaks toWhat you’ve felt, And all that you’ve seen. For her words are piercing,Like an arrow to the heart.Like a dagger to yourVery soul. She writes her poetry,To release her sadness,And to break the holdA first love has onContinue reading “The Poet”

Magick and Moonlight

It’s kismetOr just perfect timing,Or maybe the UniverseListening But,Locking eyes with you acrossThat crowded room,We welcomed the lightInto our darkest shadowsAnd set the future into motion. That night,We wrote the beginning ofOur happy ending. So when the bell rings,And we bid the pastA February farewell,I’ll take your words,Your sadness,Your pain,And bury them allIn the graveyardContinue reading “Magick and Moonlight”

I’ll Never Forget

I fight every day againstMy mind’s frailties.Holding onto silken memories,In my head.They’re like postcards from nowhere,With your face etched in. Moments of a past livedIn Spring mornings andSummer nights. Moments like the first timeWe said, “Hello.” I feel them fleetingAs each day passesAnd I try to hold ontoThe fragments of them. Grasping at the edgesLikeContinue reading “I’ll Never Forget”