A Little Whisper

It begins where all stories begin.With a thought.A hopeful idea.A little whisper after the moon rises. But as the clock ticksAnd the hours fly by,The whisper becomes a voice,So clear,So rich,So true. It tells me of things I want to hear.Things I’ve fantasized about.Things I’ve asked the moon for. It tells me of you. TheContinue reading “A Little Whisper”

A Christmas Wish

There’s nothing but me and the starsTonight. The sky is so dark,As it blankets the hemisphere. My blessed moon watches over me,Lovingly,Tenderly;She knows where my thoughts lie. I exhale a deep breath,Not knowing that I’ve been holdingIt for awhile.It turns to icy vapors as it leaves myLips and hangs there for a moment,Before it disappears.Continue reading “A Christmas Wish”

Memento Mori

A roll of the die,A wicked choice,A flip of the coinLeft for Fate to decide.Are we bonded for life?Souls mated in the hereafter?A contract signed before we wereStardust?My mind is a awash with mysteries. The questions go unanswered. I do know thatMy flame burns brighterWhen you’re near.My blood warms in my veins,At the thought ofContinue reading “Memento Mori”