Conversations with the Moon

She writes sad poetryBecause her heart aches,And is filled to the brimWith what used to be. She spends her nights,Talking to the moon,About life and love. Because she has notForgotten what it feelsLike to have them in thePalm of her hand. She has not forgotten you. Because it was in the kiss,In the way youContinue reading “Conversations with the Moon”


Beautiful,That’s what you areTo me. Your stars,Your scars,Your darkest nights They define whereLove beginsAnd never endsFor me. And I’m not afraid. Because,I have loved youIn the stillness of theNight. I have loved youDrenched in sunshine. I will love you untilForever comes,And then I’ll loveYou after. ©️KVPArt: Hasan CretinWebsite: … Song: “Where’s My Love?” SYML


Oh, what to do about love?Do I pluck it off the shelfLike a tattered book withDusty endings? Or do I write a new oneWith fresh beginningsAnd metaphors about the moon? Perhaps I’ll write a single line,Of what you mean to me. Perhaps I’ll just say, “I love you.”And you’ll feel my heart throughThose simple words.Continue reading “Perhaps”