Last Night

Last night with bodies entwined, secrets were shared and promises were made.I wonder what’ll happen in the morning. Last night with souls bared, bonds were formed and truths were told.I wonder what’ll happen in the morning. Last night kisses lips exploring,Touches lingered and tongues traced hidden spaces, love was made.I wonder if you’ll still beContinue reading “Last Night”


Toes tingling, walking along the hot sand. Sweating from the searing heat of the dying sun. Wishing for a lick of cool breeze on my skin. That’s not on my mind though. Her eyes are like golden pools. Her hair is black as night, With stars strewn throughout. I’m electrified by the touch of herContinue reading “Goddess”


The smell of you on my sheets, Lingers long after you’re gone. Dancing in the shadows of my mind. Unlocking the forbidden corners of my memory. You are the salve to ease my pain. The balm to soothe my shredded soul.I am a sinner and you have saved my spirit. Your eyes, your mouth, theContinue reading “Cure”