When I’m manic, I feel like I’m at my most honest. My most creative self. My feelings are raw. My mind is open. With a thousand different images floating around. Too hard to pin down. They whiz through my brain, Like errant wispy clouds. Disappearing and reappearing just as quickly. It’s not always this way.Continue reading “Manic”


Standing outside, watching the clouds pass by. Remembering how much you’d like to gaze at them. The cold, wintery air nips at me skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps behind. You loved the cold. It hasn’t snowed since you passed away. But as I look up, I see a single solitary flake drifts lazily throughContinue reading “Cold”


On the corner between depression and anxiety. Crying Scared Bewildered Needed a shoulder to cry on. A distraction from the norm. How can I be fearless and be afraid at the same time? How can I be free and trapped at the same time? Questions that need answers. But the answers might not be theContinue reading “Trapped”