Quiet Place

I’ll meet you in the quiet space. Somewhere between here and there. And then we can be together always. To breathe in unison and share. Meet me in the quiet place, Underneath the night sky. Where dreams are dreamt and wishes made until our last goodbye. Let’s meet each other in the quiet gloom. We’llContinue reading “Quiet Place”


Losing my path. Just trying to find my way back home. The road is dark and lonely. But memories long faded, are guiding my steps. Every step is scary and nightmarish Though if I follow the light, I’ll be there soon. Tragedy and doubt mimic my every move. But home is on the horizon. TheContinue reading “Home”


The smell of you on my sheets, Lingers long after you’re gone. Dancing in the shadows of my mind. Unlocking the forbidden corners of my memory. You are the salve to ease my pain. The balm to soothe my shredded soul.I am a sinner and you have saved my spirit. Your eyes, your mouth, theContinue reading “Cure”