Questions & Answers

Body to bodyMind to mindI am bound toYou,Connected inConsciousness and more. With you,I am my true self.Transforming from whatI used to beInto something free and divine. Under your skilled touch,I take flight,With no need to ever setMy feet on solid ground. You have the answersTo every singleOne of my questions.The ones that havePlagued me myContinue reading “Questions & Answers”

Flowers That Never Bloomed

And there I was,At the stroke of midnight,My empty heart was still bleedingAnd my tears were still falling,When I saw you. You were ambling through theVines,Drifting through the nightBewildered and afraid. I, myself, had walked aimlesslyThrough that garden of flowersThat never bloomed. Felt its stagnant air ofHeartache swirl around meFor so long,That when lonelinessBecame myContinue reading “Flowers That Never Bloomed”

Poison In Every Line

My pen touches theRough sheet of paperAnd I say to myselfThat this is the lastTime I’m writingAbout you. But when the ink startsTo flow,And the bridge of the songRises,I can’t help but let itDrip out onto the page. One memory turns into two,Two into more. More mad scribblesMore love lines. Am I dreaming or areContinue reading “Poison In Every Line”