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Beauty and the…

Imprisoned by my thoughtsAnd my past was my jailer.I dreamt of escape.I dreamt of release from its hold over me. I was a lost and broken thing,Until you lifted me out of the ice,And breathed warmth back intoMy frozen body. The snowflakes restingOn my eyelashes and meltingOnto my skin,Fell down my face like tears,When you… Continue reading Beauty and the…

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Fear and Love

It was fear and love that sealedMy fate. The fear of dying again,Without the warm touch ofLips pressed to my cold skin.The fear of saying goodbye toThe ghosts in the shadows,That kept me company.The fear of another night,Trapped in my tomb,Hoping to see the moon,Once again. But it was love that resurrected me,For the final… Continue reading Fear and Love

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The Midnight Haunting

The air is still and cold.I take a deep breath, and my exhale colors the Landscape gray.I wait for you, In between my unending madness And my haunted dreams. I hear you call for meAnd the comfort I feel burns throughoutMy body.I remember that I’m not alone.I’m never alone, When it comes to you. Because… Continue reading The Midnight Haunting

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Beautiful Disaster

Love.Bewitching and treacherous.I didn’t want to feel her anymore,So I broke my own heart,Just to be free of her. I was afraid.Yes.I felt the fear creeping up along my skin.The familiar, skeletal hand of loneliness,Tracing the veins of my empty heart.Squeezing it every time I thought aboutLoving someone again. I tried to push people away.And… Continue reading Beautiful Disaster

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The Longing

It’s freezing in the shade of your absence.But absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? No, not for me.For I’ve planted my heart in the darkest,Coldest part of my garden,And the longing grows in its place,Like weeds choking my buddingDevotion. Is it the way you whisper my name,In those eerie moments after nightfall?Or the way… Continue reading The Longing

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Pretty Little Fears

Show me your darkness.The agony and the night terrors.The things that keep you up at night.The pretty little fears. Show me who you really are.Take off the ever-smiling mask.The lies and the stories that aren’t real.The end of your one-act performance. Show me the ugly and the visceral.Your darkest thoughts and secrets.And the words that… Continue reading Pretty Little Fears

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Our Escape

I want to run away with you;Make our escape into the unknown.I want to make love,In every place, we flee to. Kiss under every shooting star.I want to caress every part of youAnd show you what you mean to me.I want to be wherever you are. We’re lost souls, you and I,Attracted to the wild.Yearning… Continue reading Our Escape

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I Remember

I remember the stars were out that night.Lighting up the darkness,That wrapped around us.Your hand reached over to mine.And we sat in silence.The tension hung thickly in the air,Between us. Your head was tilted back,And your eyes were closed.I wondered where your mind had gone.Where had it taken you. But I knew. Deep in the… Continue reading I Remember

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Midnight Phone Call

You know,I can’t see you without me.So…just tell me youLong for me,and I’m yours. Because I miss you when you’re gone.I miss you when you’re here.The timber of your voiceAnd the whispersAfter midnight,Keep me awake,Just thinking aboutWhat we could be. You are a part of me.Like the bones in my chest,Protecting my fragile heart.You are… Continue reading Midnight Phone Call

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Cruel Summer

Bonfires and moonlight.The taste of salt in the airAnd the stars lighting up the night sky.Memories of those hot nightsAnd even hotter days,Emblazoned in my mind. I still feel you next to me,The heat of your skinAnd the coolness of yourTouch.Like a scar that doesn’t fade,Your love was like a sliceAcross my heart. Sunsets and… Continue reading Cruel Summer