Too busy wondering how your lips taste, to wonder if you’re a villain. But I’m drawn to you. Of this there is no doubt.You have me questioning myself. I never do that. Too busy taking in the sound of your voice, to pray that you’re not a villain. But there is something about you thatContinue reading “Villain”

Love Letters

I write these words to you, because you are the dream I never want to end. The emptiness I once felt, is gone because of your smile. Late night whispers gave way to  late nights spent in each other’s arms. I write these words to you, because your soul is beautiful. This ugly thankless world,Continue reading “Love Letters”


Conversations from the night before, Lingering long after you’re gone. Dancing in the shadows of my mind. Unlocking those forbidden corners of my memory. Because you are the salve to ease my pain. The balm to soothe my shredded soul. Your eyes, your mouth, the very essence of you. Your love is a cure forContinue reading “Cure”