After Midnight

After midnight,And before the dawnA memory chases meOf two loversRunning with the stars. I sit alone in the moonlightWaiting for a glimpseOf you againAnd the air smells ofJasmine and itIt tastes like summer.I can feel the warmthOf the dying light ofDay on my back,And the chill of sunsetOn my cheek. I lie down,Surrounded byFlowers andContinue reading “After Midnight”

Ophelia’s Last Kiss

Oh, loveOh sweet tarnished Prince,Would that my loveCould cure yourFractured mindAnd my kissCould free yourAnguished heart,I would beg theHeavens,Once again,To take your painFrom you. I watch your descentInto madness,Helpless and afraid,But I feel I understandIt, more than most,And sympathize withYour fight against the Sun. Tragedy begets tragedyHeartbreak begets more.I know these trialsBecause I have witnessedThemContinue reading “Ophelia’s Last Kiss”


My poetic love,The one I give myWords to. With eyes that lightUp my darknessAnd the strengthTo ease my nightmares. The one who doesn’t runFrom my pain,But embraces itHelps me build from itAnd loves me whenMy nights grow cold. I write these words for you,Because somehow I knowThat our love,Though beautiful andDamnedWill last throughoutThe ages. IContinue reading “Unpredictable”