There’s heartache in your eyes, my love. Peeking out from behind the mask, you so bravely wear. You hide your fears behind it. Smiling away the sadness. Laughing away the gloom. A caricature of who they want to to be. But it won’t always be like this, my love. The fear won’t always burn thisContinue reading “Mask”


Losing my path. Just trying to find my way back home. The road is dark and lonely. But memories long faded, are guiding my steps. Every step is scary and nightmarish Though if I follow the light, I’ll be there soon. Tragedy and doubt mimic my every move. But home is on the horizon. TheContinue reading “Home”


When I’m manic, I feel like I’m at my most honest. My most creative self. My feelings are raw. My mind is open. With a thousand different images floating around. Too hard to pin down. They whiz through my brain, Like errant wispy clouds. Disappearing and reappearing just as quickly. It’s not always this way.Continue reading “Manic”