Toes tingling, walking along the hot sand. Sweating from the searing heat of the dying sun. Wishing for a lick of cool breeze on my skin. That’s not on my mind though. Her eyes are like golden pools. Her hair is black as night, With stars strewn throughout. I’m electrified by the touch of herContinue reading “Goddess”


Shut away from it all,Not strong enough to love,You appeared like an apparition.A ghost beckoning to me to follow you. Locked away from the world,You opened my heartand that wasn’t easy.You breathed life into my body,And sang honeyed words into my ear.Reminded me of my purpose. My love for you is unchanging, undying, unwavering.A newContinue reading “Unlocked”

Quiet Place

I’ll meet you in the quiet space. Somewhere between here and there. And then we can be together always. To breathe in unison and share. Meet me in the quiet place, Underneath the night sky. Where dreams are dreamt and wishes made until our last goodbye. Let’s meet each other in the quiet gloom. We’llContinue reading “Quiet Place”