What Lived in the Shadows

I begged you not toFall in love.Because what lived inThe shadows,Were haunting reflectionsOf my tears. I told you not to die for meBecause my cursed soulIs unworthy. But should you choose toLive for me,I may just acquiesce. I’ll reach from beyond the veil ofDarkness and bring youBack to me. Because my love is borneOf nightmares,ShapedContinue reading “What Lived in the Shadows”

Rule My Nights

Missing the wayYou repeated myName to the moon,Like I was an eveningOrison. Missing how we madeLove in the rainAnd watched the sun revealItself to us in the morn. But now I’m lying awakeStaring at the ceilingtill dawn shines its lightThrough my window. Shadows dancingOn my wall and ISee your face in all of them.Smiling atContinue reading “Rule My Nights”