We Could Just…

We could just get lost,In each other’s arms,And make loveTo our favorite song. We could just get lostIn each other’s eyes,Drowning in oceansOf memories with flecks of gold. We could just get lost,In the void,Hopelessly addicted toThe sounds we make. We could just get lost,Kissing and touching,Deep into oblivion. We could just get lost,In eachContinue reading “We Could Just…”

Recurring Dream

Hungry for your touch,I have unforgettable memoriesOf blood moon skiesAnd stars that shined like jewels. It’s a recurring dreamOf wishes madeWishes granted. Now I wait for them to come true. ©️KVPArt: “He Holds Me,” Invader Girl ArtPrompts:“Recurring dream” #Rahprompts @rah.emotions@richardvelez92 “Unforgettable memories”“Wish granted” #PEGJAN2023 #RhymesOfPeg


Without here you,I have no one to shareMy secrets with. No one to brush theHair away from my eyesWhen I cry. No one to cross the starsWith every night. Without you here,I have to pretend. Pretend that I am alright,With a smile and laughThat doesn’t belong to me. But, I’m just the broken oneWith anContinue reading “Flowers”