Weathered Warrior

This is a piece I wrote in honor of International Women’s Day. I do hope you enjoy it. She’s grown weary,And her sword is heavy.She has fought too manyBattles and still has moreTo fight. She’s a weathered warrior,Unafraid but gentle.And fights for her daughtersAnd her sons.She fights for the sisterhoodOf solidarity,And for all those thatContinue reading “Weathered Warrior”

Safe Place

Don’t stay gone too long,My love.Because I’m bad at lettingGo. I know your heart hurtsFrom all the thorny rosesYou’ve been givenAnd all the tearsYou’ve shed. But I could be the shoulderYou need,To help you bear the load. I could beYour safe placeWhen your bones are weary,And you need rest. Or I could walk with youDownContinue reading “Safe Place”

A Star with Sinful Secrets

A chance meeting. A stranger becomesA friend becomesA lover. You’ve read me,Cover to coverChapter after chapterAnd soothed my callused soulWith your melody. I can see the musicOf our story,Whimsical and pure. I can taste the poetry of itLike a high noteOn the tip of my tongue. To them,It’s just a love song,But to me,It’s soContinue reading “A Star with Sinful Secrets”