Save My Soul

I surrender to you. For I am seeking salvationFrom my dampened dreamsAnd recurring nightmares. Because I’ve been cloakedIn echoes of the past,Masked in misconceptionsAnd sleepless nights. Left to be buried with undriedTears,And an undying heartbreak. I want you toSave my soul,Because I want to seeTomorrow. I want to be lostIn this moment,In crystalline cascades,And diamondsContinue reading “Save My Soul”

Think of Me

When you think of me,Think of holding my handWhen your pain was too greatAnd you were afraid. Remember my song,And how it played in theBackground that night,When you told me youLoved me. When you are lost for words,And are searching for answers,Look to the metaphors of the mysterious moon,And my poetry will be there. AndContinue reading “Think of Me”

Conversations with the Moon

She writes sad poetryBecause her heart aches,And is filled to the brimWith what used to be. She spends her nights,Talking to the moon,About life and love. Because she has notForgotten what it feelsLike to have them in thePalm of her hand. She has not forgotten you. Because it was in the kiss,In the way youContinue reading “Conversations with the Moon”