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Dancing in the Moonlight

You live in the place beyond.Far from my reach.You live in a place where I cannot go. In a place where my words,You may never read.In a place where my voice,You may never hear. I long for you every night, anyway.I long for love.I long for passion.I long for hope. In another life,You’d be mine.And… Continue reading Dancing in the Moonlight

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Ravish Me

This isn’t a fairytaleThat people tell their childrenAt night. This isn’t the damsel inDistress,Being rescuedBy her Prince. This isn’t the Belle of the ball,Dancing with her kingly Beast. No. This is something different.This is something darker.This is something better. Ravish me,With the sudden deep kissesAnd light touches down my spine. Ravish me,With your darknessAs it… Continue reading Ravish Me

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The Moon and Her Lover

He waits. He waits in the meadow,Far passed the trees,Far beyond every living soul.Far beyond the quiet of theBlue-black sky. He waits. They don’t understand whyHe does it.They’ve stopped asking him. They don’t understand howHe continues on.They just know. He waits. Stories say that they were togetherOnce.Living,Running through the fields together.Loving,Wrapped in each other’s armsEvery… Continue reading The Moon and Her Lover

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Take Me

Take me under,To the depths of the sea,Where we’ll never grow oldAnd we’ll never die.And we can live as one body,One spirit, One heart.Free. Take me far,To the place beyond the pines,Where we can be lost for hoursIn the shade,And no one will ever find us.Where our path is made clearWith every intention we set,By… Continue reading Take Me

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Saint or Sinner?

My demons surround me.Clouding my mindAnd controlling my thoughts.They take my heart intoTheir hands and twist itAnd shape it to their liking.Breaking and rebreaking itOver and over again.Keeping me perpetually afraidOf love. You see,The dark is what I’m used to.I’m not afraid of its grip on me.Because I’ve lived in its armsFor so long. It… Continue reading Saint or Sinner?

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Beauty and the…

Imprisoned by my thoughtsAnd my past was my jailer.I dreamt of escape.I dreamt of release from its hold over me. I was a lost and broken thing,Until you lifted me out of the ice,And breathed warmth back intoMy frozen body. The snowflakes restingOn my eyelashes and meltingOnto my skin,Fell down my face like tears,When you… Continue reading Beauty and the…

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Fear and Love

It was fear and love that sealedMy fate. The fear of dying again,Without the warm touch ofLips pressed to my cold skin.The fear of saying goodbye toThe ghosts in the shadows,That kept me company.The fear of another night,Trapped in my tomb,Hoping to see the moon,Once again. But it was love that resurrected me,For the final… Continue reading Fear and Love

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The Midnight Haunting

The air is still and cold.I take a deep breath, and my exhale colors the Landscape gray.I wait for you, In between my unending madness And my haunted dreams. I hear you call for meAnd the comfort I feel burns throughoutMy body.I remember that I’m not alone.I’m never alone, When it comes to you. Because… Continue reading The Midnight Haunting

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Beautiful Disaster

Love.Bewitching and treacherous.I didn’t want to feel her anymore,So I broke my own heart,Just to be free of her. I was afraid.Yes.I felt the fear creeping up along my skin.The familiar, skeletal hand of loneliness,Tracing the veins of my empty heart.Squeezing it every time I thought aboutLoving someone again. I tried to push people away.And… Continue reading Beautiful Disaster

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The Longing

It’s freezing in the shade of your absence.But absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? No, not for me.For I’ve planted my heart in the darkest,Coldest part of my garden,And the longing grows in its place,Like weeds choking my buddingDevotion. Is it the way you whisper my name,In those eerie moments after nightfall?Or the way… Continue reading The Longing