Autumn’s Last Lament

Summon me homeWhere my heart liesWith the misty morningsAnd solemn skies. Call me back to the placeWhere we shared our firstKiss,Underneath a frosted moonAnd you held me closeOn those chilly nights. Because now all I haveAre a collection of forgottenNames and hazy dreamsBlurring the edges of myMemory. I’ve gone into the labyrinthOf yesterday;Lost to theContinue reading “Autumn’s Last Lament”


Loving you is madness,Like dancing with darknessAnd submitting to its gentleCaress. We’re surrounded byThe same demons,You and I,Wearing cloaks of lustAnd secrets. But we drown ourselvesIn the River Styx,An attempt to make this union clean. We take death’s grip into our ownAnd gaze back at ourReflections of love. We transform this damnedHellscape,Into something beautiful,Like paradise.Continue reading “Eden”

River of Tears

We begin where theMoonlight ends,Walking along the riverbankAt midnightStealing the stars as theyFall from the heavens. Hand in hand,I look to you,And I see our pastSelves in your eyes. I see the garden of goodAnd evil we’ve written about,In poems long before. I hear the longing in yourVoice and how my name doesn’tBelong to meContinue reading “River of Tears”