Summer by the Ocean

Summer by the Ocean

Summer by the Ocean

Meet me by the ocean, where we can stare into each other’s eyes and dream about places that we’ve never been.
Meet me by the ocean, where, we can talk of things that we’ve never seen, our wishes and our ideas.
Meet me by the ocean, where we can lie in each other’s arms, and hope for a beautiful future.
Meet me at the point where the sunset meets the ocean, because that’s where my heart lies.

Bonfire Confessions

Bonfire Confessions

I saw you dancing by the bonfire that night.
Face lifted to the moon, eyes shut tightly.
It was as if you were praying to Selene, the Moon goddess, herself.

I saw your face, and every question I had ever wanted an answer to, it was suddenly there.
Every wish that I had ever wished, had suddenly become true.
Every tear I had ever shed, disappeared when I saw you.

I was enamored.

I saw your body and I found myself so desperate for your touch, that I could have walked through the fire and never felt its sting.
I saw your lips and wondered, out loud, what would it be like to trace my fingers over them and taste them.
Ever since that hot, steamy night on the beach, I’ve dreamt about you.

I’m still enamored by you.

Summer Nights with You

Summer NightsWhen we danced, we did so by the fire.
In love, amongst the fireflies and underneath the stars.
We swayed underneath the moonlight, sweat dripping from our bodies.
Not caring about tomorrow, never thinking about the future.
These are our summer nights.

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