Complete My Darkness

Tonight my pen weeps
A collision of paragraphs
And a cascade of memories.
Born of dreamless nights
And mended hearts.

I dip my quill in tears of madness
And write the loneliest words.
Because love aches and burns
And I can’t stop thinking
About you.

I am but a bottle of emotions
Filled to the brim
With our midnight echoes
And sin.
Ready to be opened and spilled.
Laid bare for all to see.

Our destiny was forged by the
Verdict of our lust.
Strengthened by the burden
Of desire.
And judged by the vulnerability
Of our lost souls.

So let me write the words
To be cursed with you again.
Damned in peaceful bliss,
By the gods.
Until the sun sets
And we disappear into the

My dearest sweetling,
I’d walk through the
Midnight fire to keep you safe.
Because you complete my darkness
And make me whole.

Art: SkullHeads
Prompt: “In Blissful Serenity”
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Poetry of Lost Shadows

What we had was
Created from the
Remains of a dying
Untouchable and dangerous.

But we danced this dance
Of ours,
On the edge of a knife.
Never caring about tomorrow.

Our love was
Rooted in the poetry
Of lost shadows and
Faces from our pasts.

We healed each other,
With shed tears and long
Evenings under the sky.

But, much like the
Faded Summer,
My nights have since
Grown cold without you.

Your kisses no longer dot
My shoulders and your
Voice no longer makes
My blood sing.

You’ve gone now
And I can’t find my way
Without you.

You brought life and passion
To my mangled heart.
Loving me in pieces,
Because some of me
Was better than none.

The damned and the blessed
The cast out and the welcomed
You were the better part of me.

I want to feel alive again
Feel the sun’s warmth on my
Back and
Your hand stroking my cheek.

Oh, that I could bottle my tears
And use them as an offering to
The moon,
If it meant you’d come back to me.

I’d give her my eternity
For another moment with you.

Art: SkullHeads

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