Never Enough

There’s a chill in the air
And the stars are out tonight

The moonlight kisses
My skin,
Drinks me in,
And envelopes me whole.

I can feel you all around me.
Your warm glow,
On every inch of me.
The pleasure of your kiss.
The pain when you’re
I feel it all.
I feel all of you.

The breeze nips at my skin,
And I remember your breath
Traveling up and down my body.

My name,
Like poetry on your lips,
Like absinthe on your tongue.
I taste you in my memories,
Coaxing me to the finish,
Welcoming me back home.

You are wrapped up in
My thoughts,
Much like when we were
Wrapped in others’ arms
In the midnight hour.

Your love flowed from
You like wine,
And I was the
Awaiting chalice.

The brilliance of my
Beloved lady Moon,
Casts a subtle glimmer
On the waves in front of me,
And I’m reminded of you.

Your mortal coil,
Hidden like the depths of the ocean.
Your darkness could never
Take me under;
Because I am not afraid.

My love,
My shadow,
My fiendish heart.

I want all of you.
Every bit of your soul.

Because too much is
Never enough.

Art: Skull Heads

Thank You!!!!

Happy Sunday, my loves 💜🖤💜

Imagine my surprise at waking up and finding out that I had 5,000 followers on Instagram!!! I was jumping up and down, crazy with excitement. So I want to take this time to thank you for helping me get there!!!! Y’all are absolutely amazing and I love you all so much. Without your support and love, I don’t know where I’d be!!! I’m so grateful for each and every one of you.

I have some news about the new collection! It’ll be available for pre-order on February 10th, just in time for Valentine’s Day! I’ll be doing a cover reveal soon. I really can’t wait to show you what I’ve been working on. I hope you love it as much as I do.

I am close to tears at all the love y’all have given me. Thank you for your beautiful comments, DMs, likes, and follows!!!!

Take care of yourselves, my loves. And never let them take your shine, because you shine so damn bright.

Love Always,

Always, Forever, You

I’ve told you this
Before ,
But, In the end
It would always
Be you,
My beloved.

How you shine
Your divine light
On every
Inch of me;
Bathing me in your

I can hear you
Speak my name
Through the breeze,
When I’m alone.

It surrounds me,
Like a cacophony
Secret echoes,
Whispering my dreams
And fantasies.

Bringing me to that
Heated moment,
In the place
Where only the two of us

The slow kisses
And lingering touches.
The way our
Bodies and minds
Fit together,
Liked we were
Shaped in the mud

And into your
Gentle hands
I take the leap.
Let your fingers
Traipse over the
Hidden parts of
My love;
To heal me from my
Broken heart
And ease my wounded

My beloved,
It could only be you.

Only that voice,
Only those eyes,
Could make the Heavens
Beg for rain,
And the ocean welcome it.

Art: Skull Heads

Happy Friday!

I hope you had a wonderful week. Mine was actually, surprisingly really good! I’m so ready to just chill. Going to see Scream tonight and I can’t wait!!

Before I go, I wanted to remind you of something. No matter how tough things get, no matter how difficult the road, there are brighter days ahead. Believe me, I know. I’ve been there and it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I can assure you, my loves, it’s there. We will have bigger and better days.

Thank you for all the love and support you’ve given my poem this week. I don’t always get to respond to your DM’s or comments but I see them and I appreciate them so much.


You are WORTHY of being loved.

Have a great weekend! Take Care 💜✌🏽

Love Always,

Picture of a Perfect Dream

Even in the darkness,
I would know your face.

Every curve
Every line
Every angle
Every dip.

I would know you
From the farthest reaches
Of the Earth.
From every blade of grass
To the deepest of oceans.

Because you are apart of me.
An intrinsic piece of my soul.

You are a mirror image
Of my heart and
And every beat

Your vision,
Clear and true,
Is like mine.
Seeing the future
Through the lense of
The wayward past.

Your blood,
Is like mine,
And sings at the
Mere thought
Of our eternal love.

Oh, how I long for you
And the days
When I could feel
Your fingertips trail
Down my cheek.

I long for you
And the nights,
Where we’d lie
In each other’s
Arms and whisper our secrets
To the Heavens.

I long for you
And the stories we’ve shared
And the nights when we made
Love under the night sky.

I long for you,
In every word I write
And every tear I shed.

I long for a simpler time.
A time frozen in place,
Like the picture of a perfect
Painted by the stars
And brought to life by the
Enchanted Moon.

I long for you.

Art: Skull Heads

Happy First Week of 2022

Happy Friday, my loves 💜
How was your week? Mine was actually pretty good! But, I am glad it’s Fridayyyyyyy! I’m especially glad that you liked my latest piece! Y’all mean so much to me.

First off, I’d like to welcome my new followers! Hi and and I’m so happy that you’re here!! Welcome to this crazy, broody, angsty mind of mine. Enjoy your stay.

I wanted to leave you with one of my favorite quotes from, you guessed it, Nikita Gill:

“There are human beings in this world who are soft enough to feel every terrible thing that happens so deeply. And are still brave enough to remain constant and suffer for those who need them the most. Even the stars blink in awe of the gleam of their souls.”

Have a beautiful weekend and don’t let them take your shine, because you shine so bright! Take care 💜✌🏽

Love Always,

A Little Whisper

It begins where all stories begin.
With a thought.
A hopeful idea.
A little whisper after the moon rises.

But as the clock ticks
And the hours fly by,
The whisper becomes a voice,
So clear,
So rich,
So true.

It tells me of things I want to hear.
Things I’ve fantasized about.
Things I’ve asked the moon for.

It tells me of you.

The voice in the dark,
Cutting through my shame.
The voice in the shadows,
Breaking and fixing my heart all
Over again.
The voice in the background of
Every poem I write,
Reminding me of better days.

Better days when your laugh
Shook the Earth.
When your smile brightened my
Worst nights.
Better days when your fingertips
Caressing my cheek,
Was all the medicine that I needed.

Oh, how I miss the days where I
Could kiss your lips
And breathe in your memories.
I miss when you would call my name,
And my heart would quake.

Oh, how I miss you.

The Divine One.
The Lover of all my Dreams.
The Savior in all of my nightmares.

When I look up at my Blessed Moon,
I’ll ask her to shine her precious
Light upon your face,
And keep you in her warm embrace.
I’ll ask her to remind you of how much
You are loved by me.

And it will begin with
Just a little whisper.

Art: Skull Heads

2022 and Beyond!

Happy New Year’s Eve, my loves!
Getting ready for the festivities tonight, but I just wanted to take a bit of time to tell you how much I have appreciated your love and support this year!

2021 has had its ups and downs. There have been sad times and wonderful times. Good times and bad, but through it all, you’ve stayed right but my side.

Where would I be, if I didn’t have you! Thank you so much for every like, comment, follow and DM. Y’all are amazing!

You are LOVED

Here’s to an amazing New Year 🥂

2022, here we come!

Take care 💜✌🏽

Love Always,

Love: A Winter’s Magick

A cold December’s morn
And I watch a single snowflake
Fall from the sky
And land lazily onto my cheek.
I sigh and a puff of wintry air
Forms, shapes, and then disappears.

The snow on the ground
Is so bright and so clean,
That it looks like an unfinished dream,
Some sort of unwritten, winter magick.

It’s so quiet in this frosty
Save for the beating of my lonely heart.
Because it’s just me,


Thinking about the lost days.
The days I try not to remember.
Intrusive thoughts are like that,
You know.
They barge their way in,
Like an uninvited guest and
Overwhelm you with their strength.

But from the back of my mind,
I hear a voice.
It’s so faint,
That it sounds
Like a whisper amongst the rushing
Water that is my thoughts.

It’s so small,
This lovely voice.
It’s so precious.
This delicate thing.

I begin to sort through the chaos
Of my busy mind.
Slashing away dark recollections,
Like I’m cutting through an
Amazonian jungle.
Clearing away one bad experience,
After another.
Forging a path through the brush
Of repressed memories.

I follow the voice,
Like a Siren song;
As it grows louder and louder
Until I come upon it.

I close my eyes and let it wash
Over me.
I let it ease my heartache
As it waves away the pain.

I listen to that voice
And follow it like a guiding star
Out of this madness.

Passed the hollow memories
And the grief,
That lay on the sides of my
Cleared path.

Passed the anguish and the misery.
Passed the memories I
Had locked away.

And when I open my eyes again,
Time has flown,
but I’m back in my wintry meadow.
With the moon shining on my face
And caressing my cheek,
Where the snowflake just was.

A tear falls
And I feel myself smile.
Because the tear is not of sadness.
It’s not of sorrow.
It’s of something else.

I think about that sweet song that
Saved me in my darkest hour.
That tiny, little voice,
That grew stronger and stronger.

Because it reminded me of something
I had long since forgotten about.

It reminded me of love
And the intensity of it.
It reminded me of grace
And the power of it.

It reminded me of you.


Art: Jumo.Art

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