I See You

I lost my soul
Where hope grows.

I let my joy succumb to sorrow.

And then one day,
I heard you cry,
In the graveyard of
Discarded dreams.

You looked so small
And beautiful,
And my heart split
Into pieces at the sight.

In the symphonic silence
Of the night,
It all made sense to me.

Every bit of pain
I endured,
Every bit of trauma,
Led me to this.

Led me to you.

I saw the future,
In the tears that streamed
Down your face
And the music of your
Written on your skin.

I want to take your hand
And swim amidst the stars
And feel their divine energy
Within your touch.

Because you and I
Are cut from the same
Cursed cloth,
And shaped from the quiet
Places in our minds.

You and I
Are just the same.

Heartache to heartache
And madness to madness,
I see you when they turn away.
I see you, and I am not afraid.

Art: “Depth of You,” Invader Girl Art
“Where hope grows.”
“Swim amidst the stars.”
“Succumb to sorrow.”
“Discarded dreams” #coralynnpoetry @coralynn.poetry

“Within your touch” #loveletters @wilder_rose_

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, my loves 💜🖤💜
I hope you had a relaxing weekend. You work too hard not to enjoy life.

I read this quote earlier this morning, and it’s stuck with me all day. “You should not have to rip yourself into pieces to keep others whole.”

What does that mean? Well, to me, it means to stop trying to accommodate everyone else when you know you need to take care of yourself first.

I’m a reformed people-pleaser. For too long, I would go out of my way to make everyone else happy. I would leave my own needs off to the sideline and end up burnt out or sad in the process.

We’ve talked about this before, I think. People will use you and ask you to do superhuman things if you let them. Sometimes they want you to expend your emotional energy to fix them without thinking of the effects on you.

So do the things you want because it makes you happy, not because they’ve guilted you into doing so. It’s perfectly ok to practice the art of no.

Your mental wealth and wellness are so important, don’t forget that.

You are WORTHY

Have a beautiful new week, and never let them take your shine because you shine so damn bright. Take care 💜✌🏽

Love Always,


He thinks of her every night,
But she’s so far away.

He wonders what she
Feels like,
Smells like,
Tastes like.

He looks up at the moon
And wonders could she
Ever be his.

He thinks of her every night,
But she’s so far away.

Art: “I Give,” Invader Girl Art

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