Recreated Paradise

The song plays again,
And I’m transported
Back to a time when
I was hypnotized by love
Songs and longing
Thoughts of us.

I wanted to be consumed within.
I wanted to be consumed by you.

For I knew,
That though love has its
And I would suffer the
In the end,
You would be the cure to take
It all away.

Because in your eyes,
I found my escape.

I had kissed the lips of an Angel,
And recreated paradise with them.

I had felt the warm sunlight
On my cold skin
And felt free.

So come back to me,
My love.
Because I wish bask in
The glow of Heaven again.

I wish to see what the stars
Are made of.

Art: Unknown
Website: Pinterest
Song: “Show me Where it Hurts,” Skylar Grey


Letters of a Poet

When you touched my
I saw glimpses of what could

I saw past and future
Molded into one
Living, breathing entity.

And it was both
A joyous beginning
And a beautiful disaster.

With your touch,
I saw every word I never wrote.
I saw dreams I’d never had.

I saw two hearts
Beating instead of one
And it was lovely.

My world was dark,
Clouded and torn
With bleeding memories,
And nothing to stop
The pain.

But I saw my
Shadows in your reflection,
And knew then,
That your love had redeemed me,
The unredeemable.

So I sit here,
Writing soliloquies
And drowning myself in

Professing love for a
I thought I would
Never have,
Or ever know.

These are but simple words
Plain and sincere,
But they are all I have
To show you
My broken soul,
And my cleaved heart.

These are candid words,
Naked and honest.

These are letters of a poet.

Art: Unknown

Song: “Lovely,” Billie Eilish

“Beautiful disaster”
“Shadows in your reflection”
“Every word I never wrote”
“Letters of a Poet”


Walked Through Hell

Feel me as night falls
And watch the poetry melt
Around us.

Kiss me as softly
As the sheer moonlight
And hold me in your arms.

For tonight,
I dare to dream
Of drowning in your moans
And cleansing myself
In your soul.

I dare to dream of the stars
Washing over us,
And taking away all of
Our sins.

Because we’ve walked,
Hand in hand,
Through the gates of Hell
And out into the moonlight.

And I would do it all over,
And withstand the fire
Just to be with you again.

I would travel
Through the nine circles,
Just to find you on the other

Because you are more than
Just my soulmate,
You are who my blood
Sings for.

Art: Unknown
Website: Pinterest
Song: “Walking on Fire,” Skylar Grey & Th3rdstream

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