Back 2 You

The Poetry of True Love and Pain

It’s quiet,
And we’re alone,
With no one here
To stop us from our
Midnight fantasies.

The only sounds that
Reverberate off the walls
Are the beating of our hearts
And heaving breaths we take.

My arms wrapped around
Your body,
Your hands traveling over
My skin.
I’m set aflame by your eagerness
And your desire, therein.

Amid all of our passion,
My thoughts turn to our story
And I wonder why we’re perfect
For one another.

Is it the way our
Lips fit so perfectly together?
Or the way your blood
Sings for mine.
Could it be the secret harmony
That your moans make against
The hollow of my throat?

My love,
I would have you until
Forever and never hide
My face from your shade.

We ache together
We hunger together
And if destiny tells us so,
We’ll be reborn together.

If poems are spells
Then from my pen
To the moon,
I pray you open
Your heart
And never stray
From me.

You are the words
I’ve dreamt of writing,
The poetry of true love
And pain.

Art: SkullHeads

Rule My Nights

Missing the way
You repeated my
Name to the moon,
Like I was an evening

Missing how we made
Love in the rain
And watched the sun reveal
Itself to us in the morn.

But now I’m lying awake
Staring at the ceiling
till dawn shines its light
Through my window.

Shadows dancing
On my wall and I
See your face in all of them.
Smiling at me
Willing me
Beckoning me
Back to dreamland.

I close my eyes and
Listen to the birds
Heralding in the new day
And it reminds me of you.

Oh, how I long for my empty
Bed to be filled with you.
Reaching for me and
Showering me with your
Sweet kisses.

How I wish to lie naked
In your arms and count
Each and every star,
As I drift happily off to

My love,
You pierce my heart
And unwind my words,
Give me a fountain
Of inspiration
So that my pen never stops
Writing and my poetry
Never runs dry.

You make me remember
When our love was young
And lovely like silky clouds
And gentle rain.

You set fire to
My fantasies,
With the way
You ignite my mind.
So rule my nights
And come back to me.
I want to believe in
Dreams again.

Art: SkullHeads

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