A Beautiful Mistake

Tempt me with kisses,
Because the feel of
Them on my lips
Stirs my blood.

For too long,
I’ve been afraid
Of what we could be,
Scarred by the demons
Of my past.

But here you are,
Open with your
Honest with your sins
And I have no choice
But to give in.

You have changed me,

The way I think
The way I see the moon.

You have taken the horror
In me and turned it into
Roses and honey.

So I ask,
Are we a beautiful mistake?
Or has love struck
And put us on a path
To something enchanting?
Something unpredictable?

Art: “The Embrace,” Invader Girl Art
“Beautiful mistake”
“Love struck”
“Chasing time” #pegjan2023 #rhymesofpeg
“Tempt me with kisses”
@wilder_rose_ #loveletters

Stay in my Memories

Here we are
Lying in the
Light of a golden

Together as one,
Like we’ve always

But I am not

I know precious minutes
Like these
Are fleeting,
Though they are
As beautiful as
Diamond & silk.

These days choke me,
Because I know they
Will come to an end.

And the peace I feel
Here in your arms,
Will turn to dark
And bleak without you.

So, meet me in the middle
Of our own little paradise.
Between the passion and the
Stardust we’ve made,

And stay in my memories
For a moment longer,
Because our love lives on
Forever there.

Art: “Timeless,” Invader Girl Art
“Stay in my memories.”
“Meet me in the middle.”
“Golden Sunrise”
“These days choke me.”
@writerlysilly #pswriterlyprompts
“Diamond & silk”
“Together as one.”
@wilder_rose_ #loveletters
“Stardust” #inkmine

Shades of Blue

I never believed
In peaceful tomorrows.
And raindrops of hope.

Until I was
Seduced by shadows
And kissed by your light.

Now I bask in
Your shades of blue,
And dream of what forever brings.

Art: “Before you go,” Invader Girl Art
Prompts: “Shades of Blue” #rahprompts @rah.emotions

“Raindrops of hope”
“Peaceful tomorrows”
@mlhmusings #mlhmusingsprompts

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