I think of you and sadness wells up in my chest.

The burn of the pain.

I hear that song and it haunts me.

Every fiber of my being, still raw with emotion.

The tears roll down my cheek are hot and fierce.

The hurt building where there once was love.

You’re gone.

I can’t do anything about it but cry and shout.

I miss you terribly.

-Kim V. Poetry


I Knew

The very first time you said hi,

I knew.

Waking up next to you after our first night,

I knew.

The first time we argued and I cried,

I knew.

Waited up for you all night, and you never came back,

I knew.

When I saw you at the restaurant with her,

I knew.

My first love, my first heartbreak, my first devastation.

Empowered me, changed me, shaped me.

I knew.

Kim V. Poetry


I stare into the night, remembering when you were here.

Your arm around my waist, the chill of the air, I’m remembering when you were here.

The twinkling of the streetlights, and the shimmering of the stars, bring back memories from you were here.

All I have are those exquisite dreams, those echoes from the past, those unforgettable reminders of you, when you were here.

Kim V. Poetry

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