Your breath on my skin.

Your whispers in my ear.

Your hands on my hips.

Your soul and mine.

Kisses until the sun comes up.

Dreaming about yesterday.

Loving you in the madness of the world.

The coolness of your shade.

The goddess molded you.

The moon shaped you and gave you wings.

You are the reason I live another day.

Without you there can be no other.

Because you were made for me and I was made for you.



I’ll dream about you tonight.
Much like I do every night.
Imagining you laying here next to me.
Sleeping so soundly.
The light rise and fall of your chest.
Wordless murmurs escaping your perfect lips.

I’ll dream about you tonight.
Images of your smile, washing over me.
Like a tonic for my soul.
Remembering the touch of your hand on the small of my back.
Memories of your kiss lingering on my neck.

I’ll dream about you tonight.
Wondering if you’re dreaming of me too.
Hoping that the distance between us, will never be as far as the stars are above us.
Wishing that you were here with me again.

I’ll dream about you tonight.
Much like I do every night. And tomorrow will come, and you’ll still be on my mind.

Perfect Night

Perfect night?
Late dinners.
3 a.m. conversations.
Lots of wine.
Watching the sunrise.
Anywhere you are.
Kisses at midnight.
Your hands around my waist.
Your blue eyes.
Quoting Lord Byron.
Anywhere you are.
The moon reflecting off the water.
The saltiness of the sea spray in the air.
90’s R&B.
Your fingers running through my hair.
Your voice whispering in my ear.
Anywhere you are.

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