I stay up all night, anxiety-ridden, nervous.

Thinking about all the things, I should have said to you.

I stay up all night in agony, wondering if you feel the same way.

I stay up all night, gazing at the moon, hoping for her to answer my questions.

“Will she love me back?”

“Am I enough?”

 “Will she walk away?”

I stay up all night, wishing I could hold your hand.

But, then the dawn comes, and I see you, sitting there, with your coffee in your hand, listening to your music through your earbuds.

I don’t have questions. I don’t have answers.

 I only have you there, to laugh at my silly jokes.

The dawn comes, and you are there, smiling at me like I’m the only person in the world that matters.

There will be a time, when I don’t stay up all night, wondering, wishing, dying for you.

Because, you’ll be here, until dawn.

-Kim V. Poetry


Secret Love

Staring at each other from across the room, laughing at the secret only you and I know.

Leaving the venue separately, but meeting at my place later. No one has to know.

Your fingertips brush across my hand, as we pass each other in the hallway. Looking back and exchanging knowing glances. A promise of a passion filled night.

Jumping apart from each other in the elevator, so no one finds out.

This secret love we share is ours, and no one else’s.

In this attention starved, overexposed world, it’s nice that only you and I have this moment. Our moment.

Let’s let this be ours just a little while longer. Before we tell the world.

Let’s let this be ours. Just you and me.

  • Kim V. Poetry


I treasure the small moments.

The crackle of the fire.

The heavy scent of the fiery wood.

The feel of your arms around mine.

The crispness of the air around us.

I savor these moments with you.

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