Longing for you.

Lost in thought.

Tears stinging my eyes.

Touch starved.

Heart beating too fast.

Takes a long drag from a cigarette.

Smoke encircles my head.

Flashbacks of kisses, and tender touches.

I’m breathless in this moment.

-Kim V. Poetry


Whispers spoken after 3 a.m.

Secrets shared in the gleam of the moon.

The tender kiss of your lips on my shoulder.

The feather-light touch of your fingertips on my thigh.

I wish we could stay like this Forever.

But I’ll take this celebration of two bodies binding, till the dawn.

-Kim V. Poetry



The sound of the rain on the window wakes me up

It’s been a long, fitful sleep.

I’ve been dreaming about you again.

That one night, when we shared a kiss.

Firmly etched in my mind.

I’ve loved you from afar, for so long.

When you were in someone else’s arms.

Last night I told you how I felt.

Then I ran from you.

Hoping you didn’t hear me in that crowded room.

Missed calls and texts on my phone.

I’m afraid to answer them.

I’m afraid of what we could be.

I’m afraid to let myself be loved.

The sound of the thunder brings me back to life.

You call again. This time, this time, I’ll answer.

-Kim V. Poetry

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