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It’s finally here!!! My newest poetry collection, “Remember Me” is finally here and available on Amazon, in paperback, hardcover, and free with Kindle Unlimited!

I’m so very proud of this collection and I hope you all love it, just as much as I do!!!

Thank you for all of your love and support. None of this would be possible without you.

At the very end of the book, is a teaser for my new Paranormal Romance, “At the end of the World”. Tell me what you think!!

Love Always,

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Dying in the Moonlight

My mind wanders tonight.
To the familiar place
Beyond the trees
Where we held each other
For the first time.

I sank so deeply into
Your arms that night,
That I became addicted to
The sound of your
Intoxicated by the
Rhythm of it.
Entranced by Magick in it.
I felt like I was dying in the moonlight,
Only to live in your shine.

You broke through
My defenses
And found the lost
Child within me.
Led me through the
Darkness and back into
The land of the living.

I was a mere shadow
Before you kissed me.
A living ghost haunting the ruins
Of my old life.
But you took my hand,
Warmed my cold cheek,
And gave me a reason
To breathe again.

My love,
You are a taste of Heaven,
The salvation I seek,
Because I’ve been in Hell too
And I long to be set

So tonight,
When I look up
At the stars and sway
To the music of our hidden
I’ll think of you and how
We danced till dawn,
In the way that lovers do.

I’ll think of how
Our souls became one,
That long October evening.
When the madness of the
World didn’t matter,
If only for just a little while.

Art: SkullHeads
Prompt: “A Living Ghost”
Vague Souls Unite on Instagram

Wait For Me

Wait for me
In the heart of winter
Where the cold bears no grudge
Against our love.

Meet me in the frozen forest
And kiss me in the dying light.
Encase our warmth in ice, eternal.
Like lovers are born to do.

My love, I can no longer suffer
The cruelty of goodbye.
Or curse the dreaded memory
Of the last time, I heard your voice.

Because you kissed away my fears
And made love to my mind.
Turned my demons into Angels,
And loved me more
Despite it.

You transformed my nightmares into
Ash and absolved me of my sins.
You took a chance on
A broken shell of someone
Who was lost.

I will love you till we are
Fragments of bone and dust.
Through all space and time.
Because you loved me
When no one else could.
When I didn’t even love

So call my name,
And I’ll answer.
I’ll come running to you.
Because I should’ve never let
You go.
I never should’ve left your side.

Art: SkullHeads
Prompt: “Wait for me.”
Turning the Page Prompts on Twitter

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