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It’s finally here!!! My newest poetry collection, “Remember Me” is finally here and available on Amazon, in paperback, hardcover, and free with Kindle Unlimited!

I’m so very proud of this collection and I hope you all love it, just as much as I do!!!

Thank you for all of your love and support. None of this would be possible without you.

At the very end of the book, is a teaser for my new Paranormal Romance, “At the end of the World”. Tell me what you think!!

Love Always,

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My poetic love,
The one I give my
Words to.

With eyes that light
Up my darkness
And the strength
To ease my nightmares.

The one who doesn’t run
From my pain,
But embraces it
Helps me build from it
And loves me when
My nights grow cold.

I write these words for you,
Because somehow I know
That our love,
Though beautiful and
Will last throughout
The ages.

I write these words because
Deep inside,
I know that you
Are more to me
Than a lover.
More to me than
A passing fancy.

You are a beautiful song
Played through the
Speakers on replay.

You are poetic
Written on my
Like tattoos.

You are ocean eyes
And rain clouds.
You are sweltering days
And moody nights.

Your love is colorful and
And your kiss is like
Sunsets and bonfires.

You are the brighter
Side of Midnight
And live for your shine.

Art: Skull Heads

Ruin Me

The moon is high
And her light shines
Through my window.

She illuminates your
Face in my memories
And I can see the heavens.

I tremble at your touch
And find myself lost
In the depths of your eyes.
I feel as though
I am under your spell
And I want more.

For fate or chance,
Destiny or circumstance
Have brought us together
To travel into the unknown

The gods have paved the
Made the troubled path
Clear of destruction
And we have no choice but to

Your soul and mine are interlaced.
Endings and beginnings.
Death and afterlife.
Fixed in the eyes of the goddess
Because I am your Psyche
And you are my mate.

In my quiet prayers
I hear your voice.
I can hear your
Need and
Your hunger for me.
I can feel your desperation.

Your words replay
Over and over in my
Like love stories
Passed down through the

Your whispers send
Tingles down my spine
And whatever control I had
Is lost.

You are the dark gift,
The treasure I received
From the blessed Lady.
For surviving the pain,
The past and the trauma.

You are my dark gift.
For being reborn
And I cherish you.

Ruin me.

Art: Skull Heads

Forget Me Not

In the darkness
Of the hour,
I succumbed to the
Quiet pain in my heart.

I failed to recognize
My own frailty
And vulnerability.

I didn’t prepare myself
For the heartbreak
Of losing you.

I stole myself away
And hid in the deepest
Recesses of my mind.
Away from the thought
Of losing your touch
You strength
You tenderness.

Alone in the prison
Of my own making,
Unavailable to process
The price of your
I weep into my own arms.

I reminisce on the hushed
And long nights.
Kisses in the rain.
And bodies melted
Into one another.

I remember when you
Played with my hair
And told me about all
Of your dreams.
And when you held me
Close and cried
About your pain,
In our secret paradise
Beyond the stars.

I remember whispering
How much I loved you,
When we said goodbye
For the final time.

Kissed away your tears,
Clasped your hand to my heart
And let my soul say

I miss you,
My love,
My Muse,
My twin flame.

Forget me not.

Art: Airyciel on DeviantArt


Your petals so soft
They whisper my name
Full gold, expensive, exquisite,
Existing on another plane.
I long to visit
To show up at your door
Flower in hand
Flower in heart.

My golden-toned Black beauty
More precious because of your shape
The sculpting of time and experience.
Stronger than other,
Yet a soft metal
Purified and enhanced
So that diamonds dare not sparkle
Too dimmed by your light.

In all of existence, there is none like you
The stars and planets and all their moons
No creature so fair, delicate, and true
All fade in comparison to you.
Hold you in my hand firm yet not too tight
Lest you prick me with thorns or burn my fingertips.

You are velvety lips and
Pillow soft kisses.
Heaven and Hell exists in the golden
Tones of your skin.
Breathing in your essence,
I live in the whispers of your
Praying to the moon
For a glimpse of our future.

Delicate petals of
Shimmering gold,
Your love is your
Armor and it
Makes you impenetrable
To the aches and pains of sorrow.

To speak your name,
Is to whisper a prayer.
Because, my beloved,
You are the sun.
The Universe,
And my Galaxy
And I worship at the
Feet of your existence.

Collaboration by

Art: Matthew Encina

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Dark Little Gift

A need.
A thirst.
A yearning.
A gentle grip
And slow kisses.
Secrets shared
Between sighs
And moans.

I give myself to you.
A dark little gift
That seeks out your light.
You love me and my flaws.
I love you because your
Soul is beautiful.
We are matched in the
And rooted in the Underworld.

Two neglected hearts
Become one,
In an eclipse of love
And horror.

But your soft
Prayers in my ear,
And your fingertips
Trailing down my thigh
To the salvation you chase,
Makes me certain
That our wounds will be healed
By the fires of our forbidden
In the gray ashes of
Our mortal demise.

In our own little
Away from them all,
We live
We breathe
We exist
In each other’s
Dying at dawn
And dreaming
At dusk,
Ruminating over
The past
That we left behind.

So take my hand,
My beloved,
My dark Villain.
Take my hand
And dance with me
Until we die again.

ART: Unknown

A World Away

It’s midnight
And the rain streams
Down her face.
She closes her eyes
And remembers his
His eyes,
His voice.
Because he’s a world away.

Memories of stolen moments
And glances between the two.
Hiding their love
Between the book stacks,
Like star-crossed lovers.

Memories of their bodies closing the
So that they may entwine
And make poetry,
Late into the night.

She is his blessed redeemer,
Liberating him from the darkness
Of his harrowing dreams.
He is her treasured muse,
Her guiding inspiration of
Lyric and song.

Lost between the pages of
She finds her words
With his name on her
And pens flowing
Verses about him.
About sorrow
About wonder
About redemption.

As the storm grows stronger
And the winds blow harder,
She stands alone
In the downpour,
Wraps her arms around her body
And cries.

Because the storm holds his
Memories tonight.

Art: Kajoi on Deviantart

Time and Shed Tears

The sun is rising
And it is beautiful.

Ra’s light shines
And illuminates
The darkened depths of
My psyche.
Casting His light
Upon the echo
Of your face.

My mind is
Fixed on you.
On a dream,
On a memory
Of a past we’ve shared,
Many lifetimes ago.

Your soft timbre,
Struck a cord
And unlocked a piece
Of my life force,
That I had long since forgotten.
Bringing back musicality
To my weary soul.

Your cherished words;
Words more beautiful than
Apollo, himself,
Warm the very fires of my
Body and
Breathe life back into
My paralyzed heart.

Your unchanging love,
Releases all of my
My pain,
My strife.
My past,
That I could not let go.

Tears fall
At the memory of you
And I feel my
soul burning.

Eagerly waiting.

Waiting to be blessed.
Blessed by your kiss.
Once more.

Now the moon rises
And the day is gone,
And you are not here
By my side.

So I sit under Her glow.
Remembering the love
That was made
And the little secrets,
That were shared.

I remember the eons ago
When a brush of your lips
Against mine,
Could illicit the greatest
And the greatest pain.

I could cry from the memory
Of it
And how your delicate
Fingers could
Lessen the sting of
My broken heart.

I sit under Her glorious light
And wait.
Bide my time
Till you are here again.

I sit and feel Her glorious warmth
And hold steadfast until you are

Time ticks by too slowly.

Art: Skull Heads

A Simple Touch

Blessed am I that your
Loves touches my soul.
And that the moon sings
Its simple song to me.

Blessed am I that
She welcomes me
With her perfect light,
Night after night
And gifts me with your
Whispered secrets.
She warms our mortal flesh
As you caress me until
I outshine the stars.

The moon guides us down
The unlit path to ecstasy;
Between the bitter past
And the uncharted future.
This small moment of intimacy
Connects us to her,
And unlocks the feral need
We have for each other.

With devoted gazes,
And your thumb brushing
The apples of my cheeks;
I am made whole.
I am complete,
By the grip, you have on my

You see,
I can taste divinity on your tongue.
I can see the universe in your eyes.
I can feel the end of time because
Destiny touches your skin.

Blessed am I that your kiss
Belongs on my lips.

Blessed am I that your simple touch
Belong to me.

Art: “Golden Hush” by Greg Sharpe

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