New Release

It’s finally here!!! My newest poetry collection, “Remember Me” is finally here and available on Amazon, in paperback, hardcover, and free with Kindle Unlimited!

I’m so very proud of this collection and I hope you all love it, just as much as I do!!!

Thank you for all of your love and support. None of this would be possible without you.

At the very end of the book, is a teaser for my new Paranormal Romance, “At the end of the World”. Tell me what you think!!

Love Always,

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All I Want

When the night air grows cold and
I think of you and our safe place
Back home,
Far from all the noise,
And the strain of the outside

Where in my arms,
Two became one,
And our embrace
Soothed my soul.

I’ve been on this
Lonely journey now
For so long without you,
That I fear,
I’ve lost what it feels
Like to love.

What it feels like to be loved.

I see the open road
In front of me
In a blur of headlights,
But I’m not scared.

My path is written on the
And it all leads back to you.

Some way,
I know that you are there,
With a smile and open arms,
Waiting for me.

And when we meet again,
I’ll hold you tightly,
Cry soft tears
And kiss you slowly
Until tomorrow comes.

Because all I want is you.

Art: Skull Heads

In the Shadows

What blossoms
In the shadows
Is passionate and dark.

Secrets held between
Knowing smiles.

Feelings that have been
Trapped for so long,
Burn slowly under the

Every time you whisper my
I feel the very blood in my
Veins dance.

In truth,
I think of you
Too much,
And kiss you too little.

And I yearn for more
Of you completely.

Hopelessly devoted,
And desperate for
My days are grey
Without your love.

And I fantasize about what
Could be again.

So, my beloved,
Come and illuminate
My night
With your fiery
And don’t let me go
Until I’m undone.

Art: Skull Heads Art

We Could Just…

We could just get lost,
In each other’s arms,
And make love
To our favorite song.

We could just get lost
In each other’s eyes,
Drowning in oceans
Of memories with flecks of gold.

We could just get lost,
In the void,
Hopelessly addicted to
The sounds we make.

We could just get lost,
Kissing and touching,
Deep into oblivion.

We could just get lost,
In each other,
Until daylight threatens to come.

Because I’m not afraid to take the leap.
I’m not afraid to get a little
Lost with you.

Art: Alex Wezta Art

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