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It’s finally here!!! My newest poetry collection, “Remember Me” is finally here and available on Amazon, in paperback, hardcover, and free with Kindle Unlimited!

I’m so very proud of this collection and I hope you all love it, just as much as I do!!!

Thank you for all of your love and support. None of this would be possible without you.

At the very end of the book, is a teaser for my new Paranormal Romance, “At the end of the World”. Tell me what you think!!

Love Always,

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Words Written for You

All I have left
Are my words.

Words written for you.
Because of you.
About you.

Simple words
Weighted heavily
With love and tears
Pain and triumph.

Simple words
Written to ease
Or uplift,
To be lost in
To fall in love with.

Words as gentle
As a lover.
And beautiful as the

All I have left are my words
And my dreams,
Because when everything
Else is gone,
I know that you exist there.

Art: Rebecca Danette Art

I Dreamed That You Were Mine

In the fragile silence
Of the night,
I closed my eyes,
And you were there.

And I dreamed that
You were mine.

I dreamed that you were mine,
And the echoes of sadness
That clung to my skin
Was finally gone.

Erased with a kiss
From your soft lips,
And your hand
Caressing my cheek.

I saw you,
In the midnight hour
And I knew
I was destined
To fall apart.
Just so you could
Pick up my pieces
And love me,
Like I’ve never been loved

And in that quiet moment,
When all the world was dead
I fell in love with the words
You spoke to me in my ear.

The sadness in them.
The emotions that
Flowed in every sentence,
And the pain behind
Every phrase.

I saw myself in your poetry,
And then I gave you what was
Left of my heart.

Because you made my
Own poetry real.

You made mine,
Become ours.

Art: Pinterest
“Destined to fall apart.”
“Fragile silences”
“Echoes of sadness”
“I dreamed you were mine.” #poeticreveries_

Tender Touch

I haven’t known
A tender touch
In so long,
That I almost
Forgot what it
Felt like.

I haven’t heard
A tender, loving word,
In so long,
That I almost
Forgot what it
Sounded like.

But you showed up
Out of nowhere.

A moment,
Unexpected and

My love,
Where did you come

How did you know
That I needed you?

You, a breath of fresh
Air in the night.

The sunshine to my

Who are you?

How did you know
That I craved you?

You tore
Through the tangled
Mass of my heart,
To find me,
To save me
And remind me
What love still feels like.

You brought me out
Of my solitude.
The cave I had
Entombed myself in.

You lifted the stone
That weighed down
My soul,
And set me free.

I don’t know the particulars
Of how you came into
My life,
But eternity smiles on
Me once again.

Because I have
You to thank for
My absolution.

Art: Pinterest

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