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It’s finally here!!! My newest poetry collection, “Remember Me” is finally here and available on Amazon, in paperback, hardcover, and free with Kindle Unlimited!

I’m so very proud of this collection and I hope you all love it, just as much as I do!!!

Thank you for all of your love and support. None of this would be possible without you.

At the very end of the book, is a teaser for my new Paranormal Romance, “At the end of the World”. Tell me what you think!!

Love Always,

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Savor my soft cries
In the darkness
Of the hour.

Hold me close to your
Beating heart,
And never let me go.

Keep me in your dreams
Even when the rain stops falling
And the sun breaks through
The clouds.

Because a drop of your love
Could burn the daylight,
And a taste of your kiss
Could outshine the moon.

We are two souls,
Gliding into the beyond,
For our love is beautiful and damned
And our story doesn’t end with Goodbyes.

Art: Skull Heads


By the light
Dancing across
Your skin,
I found myself
Mesmerized again.

We stand here
Connected by my
Lady Moon,
Sharing her phases
Like it’s our fate.

Making love under
Her guiding light.
We can see forever
At the end our bliss.
Wrapped around each
Other like Jormungander,
Never letting go.

We are condemned or
To lose ourselves
In each other’s arms.
Until the universe swallows
Us whole.

Art: SkullHeads


The storm is coming
And I’m not afraid.
Because you’re here beside me.
Loving me,
Caressing me,
Touching me.

You are my safe place.
The one I go to when
I feel alone and anxious.
The one who says my name
Like a prayer to the gods.

The rain hits my window pane
And I listen to its soothing sounds.
It calms me and relaxes
Much like you do.

Much like the way you
Gather me in your arms,
And sing me to sleep,
When the nightmares are
Too bad.

Much like when you cradle
My face in your hands,
And stare deeply into my
Eyes and tell me that you
Love me.

Much like when you
Pull me so close to you,
That I can feel your heartbeat
Next to mine.

So now as the clouds
Get darker and the sun
Disappears behind them,
Hold me until the storm goes
And kiss me until it comes back.



I look to the
And think of you
Each night.
I wonder if you
Think of me

I pray to the moon
Every night
For you and our
Love, yet unwritten.

And I wonder if you
Look at her
And dream of me
Like I dream of you.

Because my heart,
Though we may be
Far apart,
Is always with you.
Unending and
Never dying.


2 a.m.

Secrets shared
Under glittering
2 a.m calls us
And we answer.

Kisses and
Scorching heat
You and I
And wicked
We make love
Into the late hours.
And souls
We become
All night long.

Wrapped in your
Staring up at the
We talk about life
And the constellations.
We talk about the Moon
And her guiding light.
We talk about us
And the uncertainty
Of tomorrow.

Then dawn
And brings the promise
Of a new day.
New choices
New triumphs.
New answers
To questions we asked

But these hot
Sweltering nights
In the summer
Bring something more.
They bring memories
That never go away.
Memories that never fade.
Memories of when we were
Fearless and

They bring me memories
Of a love blessed by a
Summer moon.
When we danced by
Firelight and kissed
At dusk until
We fell asleep in
Each other’s arms.

They bring me memories
Of you and how I still love

ART: SkullHeads

After Midnight

After midnight,
And before the dawn
A memory chases me
Of two lovers
Running with the stars.

I sit alone in the moonlight
Waiting for a glimpse
Of you again
And the air smells of
Jasmine and it
It tastes like summer.
I can feel the warmth
Of the dying light of
Day on my back,
And the chill of sunset
On my cheek.

I lie down,
Surrounded by
Flowers and the night
Dreaming of how
You once loved me
Every single night.

I dream of how
You took me to the
Heights of passion
And never let me fall.
Both hero and villain,
You were the love
I craved the most.
You were the love
That I gave every piece
Of my soul to.

When you touched me,
My spine tingled
And my breath hitched.
I felt the warm embrace
Of desire,
Low in my belly.
The ache of need
And want was unbearable.
But I knew you would
Satisfy my every hunger.
Sate my every thirst.

Now the memory fades
At the edges
And the colors,
Along with it.
But one part remains.
The sound of your voice,
And the words that dripped
Like wax onto
My darkened soul.

I carry those secret words
With me,
Now and until I see
Your face again.
I hear them in my thoughts,
Feel them in my dreams.
Taste them in my fantasies.
They are everywhere you
Are not.

After midnight
And before the dawn,
I hear you say,
“You belong to me.”

Art: Skull Heads

A Dance After Dark

It is the cruelty of fate
That keeps us separated
And apart.
Missing the feel of your
Skin on mine.
The touch of your
Fingertips across my cheek
And the taste of your lips
Against my own.

It is but the cruelest of
All heartaches
To be without you.
To pine for your smile
And the wickedness
Of your voice.

I have but simple
To tide me over
Until we dance
After dark once

Simple memories
Of laughter shared
Underneath the Moon
And basking in her light.
Laying down amongst
The deadly nightshade
And breathing in the scent
Of lavender.

I’m armed with dreams
That beckons me to my dreaded
Like a Siren’s call out in
The sea.
Because sleep,
Is meaningless
If you’re not here
When I wake.

This is but a cruel punishment
For giving my heart
To one, I did not think
I could have.
A love so far removed,
From reality,
That the sun does not
Shine her face upon it.

But because the love
Is transcendent of space
And time,
The Moon shows us favors
And laughs
When we laugh.
Cries when we cry,
And feels pleasure
When we do.

Because she knows,
Like I do,
That our tiny,
Insignificant lives
Are meant for more.
We’re meant to breathe
Each other’s air
And close our eyes
Under the same stars.

We are meant for more than
And that is the cruelest lesson
Of all.

©KVP ART: Skull Heads

Ophelia’s Last Kiss

Oh, love
Oh sweet tarnished Prince,
Would that my love
Could cure your
Fractured mind
And my kiss
Could free your
Anguished heart,
I would beg the
Once again,
To take your pain
From you.

I watch your descent
Into madness,
Helpless and afraid,
But I feel I understand
It, more than most,
And sympathize with
Your fight against the Sun.

Tragedy begets tragedy
Heartbreak begets more.
I know these trials
Because I have witnessed
Them myself.
Front row to grief and loss.
Center stage of the play
I was not written into.

I grow tired
As time passes
Me by.
Lying in my
Raw bed,
Of broken hearts
And salty tears.
I long for a
With you in it.
And the chills
That the
Taste of your wildfire
I long for you
And the promise
You bring.
And the light that once shined
So brightly in your eyes.

When darkness
Comes tonight
And you welcome
Your dreams and
And wistful wishes,
Think on me.
And the love I have
For you.

And know,
That though you
Must justify your
Treason against
The gods,
And face the consequences
Of all the pain you’ve
Be not afraid,
For I will be there,
To hold your
Hand and guide your
Way into our watery
Slumber together.

Because my heart will
Never rest,
Though my body may wither.
And my love for you
Will never end,
Though my mind might

You and I are meant to be.
And the Moon has smiled
Upon it.

“Tis in my memory lock’d,
And you yourself shall keep the key of it.”

Art: Darkchylde
Quote from Act I, Scene III, ‘Hamlet

Eternity’s Door

Long ago,
Beneath the moon
And the clear skies,
We made vows to each other,
To be bound
Until we meet at Eternity’s

Under Her watchful
I begged you to
Pull me closer,
Kiss my tears
And grant me
My moonlit

To love me until the heavens
Are no more
And I am made brand

And so,
I watched time pass me
As hours
Turned to minutes,
And minutes
Turned to seconds,
My heartbeat thrummed with

Until one night,
Time became
I finally sighed a breath
Of relief,
Because I knew
You were waiting
For me.

Now, I look to
The sky again
Because evening is nigh
And my fantasies
Are finally coming alive.

I welcome
Freedom as the cool
Water drapes
Across my skin.
And I make my way
Deeper and deeper
Into the watery abyss.

Feeling your presence
In my bones,
With each step.
Feeling your shadow
In the river,
With each breath.

Guided by my beloved
Lady Moon
And beneath your
I found you,
In our sacred place.
Betwixt the darkest
Waves of the sea,
Between the beautiful beasts
Of the deep
And the sweet songs of the maiden

We make memories
To last until dawn
And ever after
Because now we both
Live in the forever

Art: Skull Heads

These Dreams of Mine

It begins as
Most of these
Of mine do,
In a place where
I hear your soft
And feel your tender

Where the moon keeps
Watch over our memories,
And we’re never lonely
Where we live beyond
The shadows
And the stars
Tell stories
To be about us.

Meet me in
Our secret garden.
Filled with purple and gold
Cultivated by
Our tears and
Blooming with
Our desire.

I feel your phantom
Kisses when
You’re not there.
Feel you in
All of the empty spaces
Around me.
Hear the lilt
In your voice
On the cool breeze.

You surround
You Envelope me.
You Enchant me.

So meet me where the sun rises
And the moon disappears
On the horizon.

Meet me in the place
Where paradise
Belongs to us.

Meet me in my dreams
Because we’re immortal there.

Art: Skull Heads

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