Echoes in the Night

In the background,The song plays quietlyBarely above a whisper. The chords strikeAnd hum in perfectHarmony.It thrums with desireAnd hunger. But there’s sadnessThere, amongst theEchoes in the night.Echoes of whatWe once were. Because when IClose my eyes andHear the music,I hear yourVoice andThe beautifulWay you spokeMy name. I hear the past,And the memoriesThat never fade. TheContinue reading “Echoes in the Night”


And with a wickedPrayer on my lipsAnd a taste of loveOf my tongue,I gift myself to you.Mind and body,Secrets and memories.I give you the darkestParts of me,To shine your lightAnd make me whole. BecauseYou see,I was made for it.Born for it.Shaped by the universeAnd bound to it.My path is fixedWith you in my sights.You areContinue reading “Wicked”


My poetic love,The one I give myWords to. With eyes that lightUp my darknessAnd the strengthTo ease my nightmares. The one who doesn’t runFrom my pain,But embraces itHelps me build from itAnd loves me whenMy nights grow cold. I write these words for you,Because somehow I knowThat our love,Though beautiful andDamnedWill last throughoutThe ages. IContinue reading “Unpredictable”

Ruin Me

The moon is highAnd her light shinesThrough my window. She illuminates yourFace in my memoriesAnd I can see the heavens. I tremble at your touchAnd find myself lostIn the depths of your eyes.I feel as thoughI am under your spellAnd I want more. For fate or chance,Destiny or circumstanceHave brought us togetherTo travel into theContinue reading “Ruin Me”

Forget Me Not

In the darknessOf the hour,I succumbed to theQuiet pain in my heart. I failed to recognizeMy own frailtyAnd vulnerability. I didn’t prepare myselfFor the heartbreakOf losing you. I stole myself awayAnd hid in the deepestRecesses of my mind.Away from the thoughtOf losing your touchYou strengthYou tenderness. Alone in the prisonOf my own making,Unavailable to processTheContinue reading “Forget Me Not”


Your petals so softThey whisper my nameFull gold, expensive, exquisite,Existing on another plane.I long to visitTo show up at your doorFlower in handFlower in heart. You,My golden-toned Black beautyMore precious because of your shapeThe sculpting of time and experience.Stronger than other,Yet a soft metalPurified and enhancedSo that diamonds dare not sparkleToo dimmed by your light.Continue reading “Exist”

Dark Little Gift

A need.A thirst.A yearning.A gentle gripAnd slow kisses.Secrets sharedBetween sighsAnd moans. I give myself to you.A dark little giftThat seeks out your light.You love me and my flaws.I love you because yourSoul is beautiful.We are matched in theStarsAnd rooted in the Underworld. Two neglected heartsBecome one,In an eclipse of loveAnd horror. But your softPrayers inContinue reading “Dark Little Gift”

A World Away

It’s midnightAnd the rain streamsDown her face.She closes her eyesAnd remembers hisLove,His eyes,His voice.Because he’s a world away. Memories of stolen momentsAnd glances between the two.Hiding their loveBetween the book stacks,Like star-crossed lovers. Memories of their bodies closing theDistance,So that they may entwineAnd make poetry,Late into the night. She is his blessed redeemer,Liberating him fromContinue reading “A World Away”