See Me

Fingertips trailingThrough the snow,And I feel like the worldIs coming to an end. Snowfalls and teardropsAre all I have tonight.A heart full of sadnessAnd a longing for you. So here I am,Standing in front of you.I open myself up to yourEternity,In the hopes, you’ll pull meIn and let me live in yourHeaven for a littleContinue reading “See Me”

Never Let Me Go

The full moon wanesAnd I ask it toSave me from myself. Because the urge withinTo confess my sins to youIs so strongThat I fear the clouds mayCatch fire and my soul mayBe engulfed in their flames. So I will wait for youIn my twilight dreamsAnd pray youCome to me in this darkHour. Come to meWithContinue reading “Never Let Me Go”

Save Your Lonely

How do you know when it feels right? I often wondered to myself,Whenever we would sayGoodbye. You would leave, and the sunWould hide its shine from meAnd the rain would shower meIn colorless woe. But then I would still feel yourWarmth on my skin,And hear your poetry in myThoughtsAnd my question would be answeredAt once.Continue reading “Save Your Lonely”