Savor my soft criesIn the darknessOf the hour. Hold me close to yourBeating heart,And never let me go. Keep me in your dreamsEven when the rain stops fallingAnd the sun breaks throughThe clouds. Because a drop of your loveCould burn the daylight,And a taste of your kissCould outshine the moon. We are two souls,Gliding intoContinue reading “Savor”


CaptivatedBy the lightDancing acrossYour skin,I found myselfMesmerized again. We stand hereConnected by myLady Moon,Sharing her phasesLike it’s our fate. Making love underHer guiding light.We can see foreverAt the end our bliss.Wrapped around eachOther like Jormungander,Never letting go. We are condemned orDestinedTo lose ourselvesIn each other’s arms.Until the universe swallowsUs whole. ©KVPArt: SkullHeads

2 a.m.

Secrets sharedUnder glitteringStars, 2 a.m calls usAnd we answer. Kisses andScorching heatYou and IAnd wickedDelights.We make loveInto the late hours.Bodies,Mind,And soulsConnected.We becomeOneAll night long. Wrapped in yourArms,Staring up at theSky,We talk about lifeAnd the constellations.We talk about the MoonAnd her guiding light.We talk about usAnd the uncertaintyOf tomorrow. Then dawnApproachesAnd brings the promiseOf a newContinue reading “2 a.m.”

After Midnight

After midnight,And before the dawnA memory chases meOf two loversRunning with the stars. I sit alone in the moonlightWaiting for a glimpseOf you againAnd the air smells ofJasmine and itIt tastes like summer.I can feel the warmthOf the dying light ofDay on my back,And the chill of sunsetOn my cheek. I lie down,Surrounded byFlowers andContinue reading “After Midnight”

A Dance After Dark

It is the cruelty of fateThat keeps us separatedAnd apart.Missing the feel of yourSkin on mine.The touch of yourFingertips across my cheekAnd the taste of your lipsAgainst my own. It is but the cruelest ofAll heartachesTo be without you.To pine for your smileAnd the wickednessOf your voice. I have but simpleMemoriesTo tide me overUntil weContinue reading “A Dance After Dark”

Ophelia’s Last Kiss

Oh, loveOh sweet tarnished Prince,Would that my loveCould cure yourFractured mindAnd my kissCould free yourAnguished heart,I would beg theHeavens,Once again,To take your painFrom you. I watch your descentInto madness,Helpless and afraid,But I feel I understandIt, more than most,And sympathize withYour fight against the Sun. Tragedy begets tragedyHeartbreak begets more.I know these trialsBecause I have witnessedThemContinue reading “Ophelia’s Last Kiss”

Eternity’s Door

Long ago,Beneath the moonAnd the clear skies,We made vows to each other,To be boundUntil we meet at Eternity’sDoor. Under Her watchfulI begged you toPull me closer,Kiss my tearsAnd grant meMy moonlitWish. To love me until the heavensAre no moreAnd I am made brandnew. And so,I watched time pass meBy.As hoursTurned to minutes,And minutesTurned to seconds,MyContinue reading “Eternity’s Door”

These Dreams of Mine

It begins asMost of theseDreamsOf mine do,In a place whereI hear your softWhispersAnd feel your tenderTouch. Where the moon keepsWatch over our memories,And we’re never lonelyThere.Where we live beyondThe shadowsAnd the starsTell storiesTo be about us. Meet me inOur secret garden.Filled with purple and goldFlowers,Cultivated byOur tears andBlooming withOur desire. BecauseI feel your phantomKisses whenYou’reContinue reading “These Dreams of Mine”