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Hi! I’m Kim V. Poetry. I was born in Virginia and raised in Texas by my grandparents. I’m a Navy Veteran, who decided to follow in my father and grandfather’s footsteps and serve my country. I write dark romantic poetry and short stories.


  • Before I Forget You

    Before I Forget You

    Let me spend anotherMoment under a midnight sun,So that I may have another kiss,Another touch,Another evening with you. Because when you are goneAnd I catch eyes with the stars,I see every bit of your face. I discover my future and my past,In the constellations of your smile. You haunt my dreams like aSpecter,Fashioned from theContinue reading “Before I Forget You”

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  • Call Me By a New Name

    Call Me By a New Name

    Call me by a new name,Because the way youSpeak it,Is like the glitter of night,And cannot be replicatedBy anyone else. You’ve mirrored my soul,And shown me what loveLooks like. I’m drowning with gleeIn the oceans of you.And being this close to you,I could almost see the stars. I want to wake upBeing serenaded by theContinue reading “Call Me By a New Name”

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  • Taste Me

    Taste Me

    If I told you that IWanted you,Would you give meWhat I asked for? Would you share this honeyedPoison and taste all of me? And if I told you that I craved you,Would you fill me with the hiddenParts of you? Oh, how I wish you were here,Beyond the stormAnd between theWhispering pines,Loving me like youContinue reading “Taste Me”

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  • Taste of Goodbye

    Taste of Goodbye

    You’re so pretty,With a mindFull of madness andA smile saddened byThe lost ripples of time. I loved you then,I love you still. The words I write for you areSomber,Because of the seeds of sorrowYou’ve planted in my soul. But I have wetted them withMy tears,And kept them aliveBecause this is where hope grows,The hope thatContinue reading “Taste of Goodbye”

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  • No More Fairytales

    No More Fairytales

    There areNo more fairytalesIn this love story. Just sins ribboned in rubiesAnd my heart,Within the pages of your soul. The princess is no longerTrapped in her guilded cage,And the prince is no longerThe savior. Because nothing shines brighter thanUnspoken truthOf two hearts shattered byDestiny. We’ve witnessed the beginningOf another end,You and IAnd we search forContinue reading “No More Fairytales”

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  • Embers and Ashes

    Embers and Ashes

    What I feel for youComes to lifeIn the embersAnd ashesOf a heart broken too manyTimes. A cycle of life and deathOf rebirth and destinyOf wolves and sun. It is stoked by the fire inMy dreams,And fed with the coldDesire of fate. I see in you a kindredSoul,A twin flameWho understands theDarkness in me. You’ve comeContinue reading “Embers and Ashes”

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