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Hi! I’m Kim V. Poetry. I was born in Virginia and raised in Texas by my grandparents. I’m a Navy Veteran, who decided to follow in my father and grandfather’s footsteps and serve my country. I write dark romantic poetry and short stories.


  • Haunted and Bewitched

    Haunted and Bewitched

    What have you done to me?What spell have you castThat I can still taste youIn my mind and on my tongue? I still feel your wordsGlide over my skin,Like you were layingNext to me,Bringing me pleasure andPain till I cry for more. You haunt my everyWaking thoughtAnd dominate my midnightReveries. Ye gods,I think I’ve fallenInContinue reading “Haunted and Bewitched”

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  • Before I Go

    Before I Go

    Take meNeed meHold meAnd let me save youOnce more. Give me every bit ofYour suffering andSink your sinsInto my veins. Steal my soulAnd paint a picture with it.Use it as a canvasAnd create a future not yetLived on it.One where you and I areAll that matters,And the past is buried in theSand. You see,I can’tContinue reading “Before I Go”

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  • Shadows of my Dreams

    Shadows of my Dreams

    I never meant to fallin love.Because fear had crippledAnd weakened my heart. I was soaring through gauzy clouds of worry and shame.Too scared to land and fall for thePretty words of poetry and song.No matter how good they soundedIn my ears. It was a lesson learnedLong ago.A lesson in the brutality of aBroken heart,Buried underContinue reading “Shadows of my Dreams”

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  • War of Hearts

    War of Hearts

    We were tumultuousFrom the start.With an endingWritten like aShakespearean tragedy. The tears that fellAnd the sleepless nightsThat ensued,Shattered me intoA million pieces.I disintegrated intoMoondust. The pain of losing youAnd the emptinessOf being alone,Felt like dyingWithout you. Yet, through thoseMoments I foundWhat I had truly lost.I lost a deeper part ofMy psyche thatWasn’t there before.The partContinue reading “War of Hearts”

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