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Hi! I’m Kim V. Poetry. I was born in Virginia and raised in Texas by my grandparents. I’m a Navy Veteran, who decided to follow in my father and grandfather’s footsteps and serve my country. I write dark romantic poetry and short stories.


  • Ocean of Souls

    Ocean of Souls

    We are collectivelyAn ocean of soulsFilling streams of dreamsWith thoughts of the future. But as time silently escapesI wonder about the oneWho is so far away. I wonder, in the darkness ofThe new moon,Do they think of meAnd every word weSaid to one another. Secrets shared underThe bleeding willowsAnd sparkling stars. Words like poetryPressed toContinue reading “Ocean of Souls”

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  • Happy Friday

    Happy Friday

    Happy Friday, my loves 💜🖤💜How was your week? Mine went by so slowly. And everything that could possibly happen did, lol. So I’m doubly grateful that it’s the weekend. Before I go, I wanted to share my choice for the poem of the week. I read this piece earlier this week by Author N.R. Hart,Continue reading “Happy Friday”

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  • A Beautiful Mistake

    A Beautiful Mistake

    Tempt me with kisses,Because the feel ofThem on my lipsStirs my blood. For too long,I’ve been afraidOf what we could be,Scarred by the demonsOf my past. But here you are,Open with yourDarkness,Honest with your sinsAnd I have no choiceBut to give in. You have changed me,Intrinsically. The way I thinkThe way I see the moon.Continue reading “A Beautiful Mistake”

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  • Stay in my Memories

    Stay in my Memories

    Here we areLying in theLight of a goldenSunrise. Together as one,Like we’ve alwaysDreamt. But I am notNaive. I know precious minutesLike theseAre fleeting,Though they areAs beautiful asDiamond & silk. These days choke me,Because I know theyWill come to an end. And the peace I feelHere in your arms,Will turn to darkAnd bleak without you. So,Continue reading “Stay in my Memories”

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  • Shades of Blue

    Shades of Blue

    I never believedIn peaceful tomorrows.And raindrops of hope. Until I wasSeduced by shadowsAnd kissed by your light. Now I bask inYour shades of blue,And dream of what forever brings. ©️KVPArt: “Before you go,” Invader Girl ArtPrompts: “Shades of Blue” #rahprompts @rah.emotions@richardvelez92 “Raindrops of hope”“Peaceful tomorrows”@mlhmusings #mlhmusingsprompts

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