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Let You Go

In my dreams, you are still here.

Smiling at me the way you do.
Holding me like you once did.
Loving me like before.

I realize now that I was overzealous.
Overthought every situation.
Pushed you away,
When I should have brought you closer.

You were my favorite necessity.
The thing I cherished most.
Now I’m sentimental in my feelings,
Wishing I could let you go.

Listening to our song over and over again.
Remembering how you looked at me, when you said you’d never leave.
Feeling your phantom touches on my skin.
Pressing my fingers to my lips,
Wishing it was you.
I wish could let you go.

Our love was dying, I know.
But was this what love was?
Is that what we had?

Or was this all a figment of my imagination?


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