Who am I?

Locked in a torrid affair,
With the fiery god that keeps me alive,
And the cold, silent one that commands my body and keeps me steady;
With them, I bring forth life,
In a story that began, before time was ever recorded.

With a lick of his heated tongue,
One touches my desert plains,
Covering my whole body in his glow.
My already heated core, matching his passion with mine.

The other is stoic and calm,
Lighting my path, with the stars that surround him.
His fingers caress my half-hidden face.
His love for me, causes the tides to shift, making my body move with such force, that’s purely magnetic.

My breath grows shorter as time passes.
The storms raging within me worsen.
My fate not yet sealed because of the love we share.

I am their constant.
They are my consorts.
Tangled with lust, blood, pain and energy.
We fight to stay alive.

So I embrace them,
Love them,
Weep for them,
And create for them.
Because I must spin on.
Who am I?

Kim V. Poetry

One thought on “Who am I?

  1. Ah. Such an enchanting read. There’s this whole melee of emotions that surprisingly narrow down into a symphony of this question I never have been able to answer.
    Who am I ? Wow..


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